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White Greensboro NC apartment manager caught on video pouring soda on black kid and assaulting him


A disturbing video obtained by The North Carolina Beat shows an Sedgefield Garden Apartments manager in Greensboro, North Carolina, pouring what appears to be soda on a black child at the pool before repeatedly hitting him in the face with the bottle.

According to residents, the incident occurred in the pool area of the complex.

The video shows a young boy standing near a table, about to leave, before a white woman, identified as Kim Jennings, the apartment complex manager, comes over and pours soda on him. After she pours the soda on him while he stands defenseless, Jennings can be seen in the video repeatedly hitting the young kid in the face with the bottle.

Another man standing just yards away did not assist the kid who was being attacked.

Jennings describes herself as the manager of the Sedgefield Garden Apartments in her LinkedIn profile, which is located at 3854 West Ave in Greensboro. The phone lines were down when we tried to call for comment. We also attempted to contact Jennings through social media, but her page was deactivated.

On Friday, Greensboro locals intend to demonstrate outside the complex in support of the assaulted child. The child’s parents and whether or not the child resides in Sedgefield Gardens are currently unknown. It is unknown what caused this incident, but that does not justify Jennings’ actions.


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  1. She needs her butt whipped you never harm a child this pissed me off she needs to lose her job she is a piece of shit this makes me mad no child should ever be treated like that I hope his mother sues her put that money in a trust for her son pour drank over her and let her know how it feels

  2. Why didn’t the men do anything? They are cowards and needs to be held accountable as well. They could had intervened but they chose not too. They need to be fired as well.

  3. She needs to go to jail.!I don’t care what they did. They probably didn’t live there and she decided to kick them out. Disgusting behavior to show towards a child!

  4. Please do a follow up story to let us know what happened. Was the child injured by this assault? Was she (the property manager) prosecuted or were any charges filed with the police? Is she still employed by the apartment community or was she fired? Please let us know What happened

    • The psychological damage done to this child will last a lifetime!!!!!!!
      Why are white children protected, but black children are thrown to the alligators?????

    • I agree we need updates amd answers. Regardless what led to this she should of never assaulted a child. If you are an apartment ma get and sowmthing wasn’t eight then she could of easily had the men who by the way stood their and done nothing remove him. This got my blood boiling. We need coporate number to call them amd see what the emd to do?


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