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‘NASTY WORK’: Winston-Salem man exposes his baby mama’s filthy house to the public, filth everywhere


If the good Lord visited your home, would He stay?

Word On The Curb… a man from Winston-Salem, North Carolina took pettiness to a whole new level by airing out his baby mama’s dirty house on social media. The North Carolina Beat won’t spill the beans on her identity, but it’s sad that her house is looking like this but then again folks love to air out their relationship drama as if they weren’t right there in them nasty bricks, binge-watching Netflix together on that hard a*s floor.

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Javonte King Amir
Javonte King Amir

According to the grapevine, a guy name Javonte King Amir on Facebook spilled the tea that his baby mama’s living situation was beyond grimy, and he and his son deserved better than the filth they were stuck in. Babyyyy…brace yourself before watching the video, as the sight of that microwave, stove, sink, and the whole kitchen might just make you reach for a trash can. Javonte took his viewers on a tour of his baby mama’s unlivable home, showcasing a home overrun with clothes and lacking in cleanliness.

“Kids sleeping on the floor, rats coming out of the wall…look at this sh*t, Javonte says in the video as he pans the camera around the home.

Javonte enters a bathroom that appears unclean, with a cluttered sink, before proceeding into a bedroom featuring a headboard without a mattress, a soiled yellow mattress, scattered clothing, and a lace front hanging from the mirror. The living conditions observed are disconcerting, yet it is worth noting that Javonte himself has likely eaten, slept, and bathed in this environment multiple times.

“B*tch you nasty, that’s why I don’t f*ck with you…B*tch you’re nasty,” Javonte says.


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  1. you up there airing out all the dirty laundry so proudly , but when things were good and you was nutting all up in her , you wasn’t saying nothing . you can’t be that worried because you continue to let your child stay there . you probably mad at her and putting all ya’ll business out there . you just as nasty . Making yourself look real stupid right now . Clean that mess up . hope you are prepared to get your son and take care of him when DSS come knocking on that door . How ignorant can you really be !!1

  2. He should have turned this over to dhs and the police not the internet. People be so focused on trying to expose others that they mess up potential cases that they could/should have taken against the other person. He also exposed himself because she didnt just start living like that he been knew and was either living like that with her or laid up in it. Im pretty sure her people know she live like that to and they also should have done/said something for the sake/safety of the kid(s).

  3. If they told us his name it shoull ain’t hard to figure out who the baby mama is 🤣😭 just messy like the nasty a*s house ….

  4. She broke and nasty, you apparently broke and nasty… invest in condoms! Two dirty bums making babies and living in squalor 🤦🏾‍♀️

  5. It takes a nasty a*s man to lay up with a nasty a*s woman, now he’s mad and trying to make her look bad, but sir you nasty as hell too 🤢🤮

  6. If you’re living there, why can’t you clean up? I’m pretty sure she’s not the only one who made all of this mess. Maybe if you took it upon yourself to help out with cleaning house, maybe she would too.. not bash this woman online for the world to see. This is just your side of things. There’s his side, her side, and the truth.

  7. Child and family services probably be at your house now for you and her… sad you as a man didn’t help clean that mess up but want to show case it to make yourself look any better wow…. But that is nasty 🤮


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