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Diddy hit with another lawsuit by former pornstar, alleges he sex trafficked her at his parties


According to reports from TMZ, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs is facing another legal challenge, this time from a former p**n star. The lawsuit includes allegations that Diddy coerced her then-boyfriend into performing oral sex on him in exchange for securing a position with Sean John, a clothing brand owned by Diddy.

In the legal document obtained by TMZ, Adria English asserted that she initially encountered the disgraced individual known as Diddy in 2004, following her then-partner’s audition for a modeling opportunity with Sean John. Allegedly, she detailed that her partner and another model were purportedly solicited to engage in oral sex with Diddy as a condition for securing the job, a proposition which they reportedly declined.

Adria English
Adria English

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English further contended in her legal claim that subsequent to their refusal, her partner was presented was given a second change to participate if English would be a “go-go dancer” at Diddy’s exclusive white party in the Hamptons during that same year. Notably, English, who former pornstar name is Omunique agreed to the proposition.

A photograph, acquired by TMZ, depicts English in attendance at a high-profile star-studdar event in 2024.

Adria striking a pose at Diddy's legendary 2004 white partyPHOTO CREDIT: TMZ
Adria striking a pose at Diddy’s legendary 2004 white party PHOTO CREDIT: TMZ

Reportedly, English found herself increasingly attending Diddy’s gatherings, where she was supposedly tasked with charming guests, sipping on cocktails spiked with drugs such as ecstasy. According to her allegations, she initially refrained from engaging in sexual activities with the attendees, but that stance apparently shifted when Diddy insisted that she have intimate relations with jeweler Jacob Arabov, who is also a defendant in the lawsuit.

Adria and "Jacob The Jeweler", aka Jacob Arabov PHOTO CREDIT: TMZ
Adria and “Jacob The Jeweler”, aka Jacob Arabov PHOTO CREDIT: TMZ

Following the incident of what she describes as “coerced sexual intercourse” with Arabov, English asserts that Diddy commended her and compensated her with an extra $1,000.

Sean 'Diddy' Combs
Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs

However, English alleged that it wasn’t a one time thing, claiming that Diddy expected her to be “passed off” to other people. She asserted that she had been a victim of multiple unidentified individuals in sexual assault incidents. English said she is also suing Tamiko Thomas whom she accuses of being involved in the alleged sex trafficking scheme with Diddy.

Adria and Tamiko Thomas PHOTO CREDIT: TMZ
Adria and Tamiko Thomas PHOTO CREDIT: TMZ

English drew a comparison between Thomas and Ghislaine Maxwell. She stated that she had worked for Diddy with the belief that he would help further her music career. However, she claimed that he manipulated her aspirations in the industry by threatening to sabotage her reputation.

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Even though she left her position under the Bad Boy Records executive after five years, English alleged that he followed through on his threats and blackballed her.

She mentioned experiencing emotional distress, including difficulties with intimacy and distressing memories, due to the alleged sex trafficking ordeal.

English is seeking unspecified compensation for the damages.


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