[VIDEO]: Woman spot possible AI robot lifeguard at wave pool filled with kids

A woman is going viral after she spotted what she says is an AI robot at a wave pool mostly filled with kids.

It’s unclear in which state this video was taken, but the movements of the female lifeguard are peculiar. Although lifeguards are supposed to continuously scan the pool to ensure that no one is drowning or in distress, these movements seem a bit peculiar.

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If you search for videos on YouTube using the term ‘robots’ and watch any of them, you will notice that their movement is strikingly similar, if not identical, to that of the female lifeguard in the video. The woman who took the video noticed the lifeguard and how she was moving, so she began filming.

At one point in the video, the lifeguard hears the woman calling her a robot and asks if she’s okay and if she did anything wrong. The woman filming responds by telling the lifeguard that she did nothing wrong to her. Really strange.

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Some people on social media have different opinions about the lifeguard’s behavior. Some believe that the lifeguard is under the influence of drugs, while others think that the lifeguard is playing a prank on the woman because she referred toher as a AI robot. There are also those who believe that the lifeguard’s actions are a result of artificial intelligence programming.


What do y’all think? 

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  1. She’s scanning the pool. No one should approach her to talk because it would distract her from a possible incident. She’s very stiff, but she’s just doing her job.

    • Exactly, I like the comment that st»ated the lady filming the video could have just walked up to the lifeguard to see if they were real or not. That’s the problem today, there are not enough people using their heads and applying common sense to a situation, instead they upload clips of an incident, which does not include the entire scene so things are taken out of context or used to incite anger in certain groups of people. Lets do this… So how much money would an Ai robot that looked as real as the lifeguard cost? Can we agree we are talking at least a few $1000, if not $10,000+? It certainly would not be cheap specially if we are to assume its capable of diving into the water to save a life. Wait, this would mean it must know how to administer CPR on infants as well as adults. So now how much would that cost? Yeah… exactly! A hell of a lot more than what some park is going to be able to afford! Can we put a big red “DEBUNKED” stamp on this one. People, seriously…. all the shows and movies we see can sometime cloud our judgement. We want proof of some major conspiracy taking place that our minds trick us into thinking something is wrong here and once the seed is planted… that’s it. Suddenly, you just know you heard them say something suspicious, the next thing you know our video is going viral. People just slow your roll a little, you can still catch something important on video that the world needs to see but let the event speak for itself. Don’t add your opinions or commentary, just let people come to their own conclusions. Ya’ll be safe our there, we are under attack right now, not by the CCP or the country that borders “U-Crane” (sry but dont want my comment deleted) but by the country of Washington DC & the Demo Crappie Puppet Party?

  2. Idk, her movements are strange and scary at the same time. If this “Lifegaurd” is a real person I wish that her family would come out and speak. Or her boss even. We need answers lol.

  3. Ummmmm, all due respect all the profanity was unnecessary. If that was indeed a ROBOT get use to it, it’s the new norm. But she could have easily walked up to the lady made casual conversation and accidentally touched the lady’s arm or leg to see if it was flesh or metal. It’s common sense

    • Thank you!!! All that cussing for nothing! That’s exactly what I was thinking, why not trying talking to her like a normal person instead of accusing her of not being real. Even if it was an AI if it bothered her that much she could’ve taken her kids and left.

      • Yeah okay, what are you going to do about it? Grow a pair?? My question to you is were you there to witness this or are you just going by a video that went viral?? As for you saying to grow a pair, I have! I just don’t believe everything I see or hear on social media like you…


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