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Charlotte judge increases bond to $1.5 million for suspect accused of shooting 5 people on New Year’s Eve


19-year-old Daevion Crawford is accused of shooting 5 people at a New Year’s Eve party at Romare Bearden Park on New Year’s Eve night. A Charlotte, North Carolina judge has increased his bond from $750,000 to $1.5 million.

A 19-year-old, Daevion Crawford, is in the Mecklenburg County Jail, accused of assaulting five people with a deadly weapon on New Year’s Eve night in Uptown Charlotte. Police said three Charlotte-Mecklenburg officers were injured, and the department issued 18 arrests and/or citations.

Daevion Crawford
Daevion Crawford

According to the police, CMPD officers responded to Uptown Charlotte at Romare Bearden Park after receiving reports that five people had been shot. Online reports indicate that Crawford randomly fired into the crowd as hundreds of people fled for safety.

During a bond hearing, a CMPD officer testified that ten shots were fired. Police were able to identify Crawford through surveillance footage. The officer said that when they arrested Crawford, he had a gun magazine in his pocket.

Mother comes to her son’s defense 

Crawford’s mother told the presiding judge that her son’s bond should be lowered because there was no evidence of him shooting the gun on video. She told the judge that her son did not have the gun used in the crime and that he was a good person.

It didn’t seem like the judge was impressed with Crawford’s mother’s excuse and raised his bond. He expressed surprisethat more people were not injured or, worse, killed. Moments later, he increased Crawford’s bond from $750,000 to $1.5 million.

Crawford is also charged with going armed to the terror of the people.


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