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Chrisean Rock arrested while trying to support Blue Face in court, Chrisean Jr taken away by police


Gossip has it that Chrisean Rock is currently behind bars in California, with no chance of bail, after a dramatic showdown with the law. The former Zeus sensation was reportedly ambushed by a squad of officers in a San Fernando Valley court, all because of some pesky outstanding warrants.

Chrisean Rock in handcuffs Monday after being arrested for outstanding warrants. Photo Credit: TMZ
Chrisean Rock in handcuffs Monday after being arrested for outstanding warrants. Photo Credit: TMZ

While she was there to support her “jail bae” Blue Face, it seems the police had their sights set on her, not her fellow supporter Jaidyn Alexis. TMZ spilled the tea that Chrisean was met by a team of five LAPD officers, almost like it was a planned surprise party.

To add to the drama, Chrisean Jr. was also reportedly taken away by the authorities, leaving everyone wondering about his whereabouts.

Chrisean Rock and her son, Chrisean Rock Jr.
Chrisean Rock and her son, Chrisean Rock Jr.

The word on the street is that she’s facing a felony fugitive warrant, along with a potential assault with a deadly weapon charge that seems to have popped out of thin air.

It turns out the warrant traces back to Oklahoma, where she’s wanted for some serious drug-related offenses dating back to 2022. Chrisean had previously made it clear that she wasn’t planning on surrendering herself, but it seems fate had other plans for her.

A new video has emerged from the courtroom revealing a exchange between Blue Face’s parents over babysitting their grandson, Junior.


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  1. Your title is all wrong…Marsh came and got the baby. Did you not see Marsh pushing the stroller in others videos,?????Damn! How of your blog be posting wrong info and have me believing?????

  2. Welp she wont be seeing her baby for a long while coming here to Oklahoma they are really “backed up” as they call it. I hope she wont be in Okc County jail people are dying left and right in there and the conditions are terrible.

    She is making it very hard for people to believe in her and support her because of her thirst for that dog of a male they call their man and baby daddy. She aint had no business being at that courthouse with her silly ssa. U.S. Marshals be at every court hearing waiting on her and on standby at the jail waiting for her to visit. It was no need to go look for her or get a task force to go to the house because they knew she would eventually come to them and she did with her dumb ssa.


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