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Chrisean Rock SPOTTED near white powdery substance and appears toasted in video


Word On The Curb…a fan is calling out Chrisean Rock after she was caught in a room full of men with a white powdery substance beside her. Chrisean, we hope you’re not out here in these streets doing booger sugar and you have a newborn child at home who just had surgery.

White powdery substance beside Chrisean

While we won’t make any assumptions about the nature of the white powdery substance, it is uncommon to find such a perfectly straight line of white powder in a line like that. Could it be cokiana? Time and time again, Blue Face has warned his fans about Chrisean smoking while pregnant, because we knew she was before her pregnancy but he hasn’t told us about her being around this white stuff.

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The fan, who goes by Nyla Lauren on Twitter, made a post in which she directly accused Chrisean of allegedly “doing lines of coke.” She claimed that Chrisean flew to another state to engage in these alleged drug activities. She then proceeded to tag Blue Face, asking him why he would impregnate Chrisean.


In a video posted by the same user, Chrisean can be seen appearing to be high and throwing money. You may need to rewind the video a few times to see what we are referring to. And if you listen carefully, somebody said, “Your a** tried to OD,” and that guy recording smacked his lip and turn the camera off.So, there must have been some hardcore drugs involved.

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Do you all think Chrisean was doing coke?

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  1. Y’all so bored and bothered by her damn leave her alone and how you know it’s coke weirdos and I’m pretty sure the baby is fine and with her sister she deserves a break my son got hit by a car at 4 and the nurses made me go home but I got right back on that next bus was back at the hospital within that hour but all mothers is not the same she young and still learning damn leave her alone y’all want her baby to get tooken by CPS so damn bad why because y’all kids not with y’all miserable asses…


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