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Chrisean Rock’s nephew accuse Tesehki of molesting him, claims Zeus is paying for their lies


Tesehki Chrisean sister

The nephew of Chrisean Rock and her sister, Latifa Tesehki Malone, accuse Tesehki of allegedly molesting him when he was only seven years old because she didn’t want to do chores.

Chrisean Rock's sister Tesehki
Latifa Tesehki Malone

These allegations are reportedly not new, but the family’s dysfunction on social media and their alleged lies has angered Tristan and his mother, Chyna, Chrisean, and Tesehki’s sister.

In a recent video, Tristan alleges that tesehki rock took him to a bathroom and offered to give him head and have sex with him because she didn’t want to do chores. He said the alleged molestation messed him up in the head, that he dropped out of school in the seventh grade and attempted suicide numerous times.

Tristan also alleged that the Zeus Network was paying for the lies, but he wanted to tell his story. He said what happened to him was so bad he wanted to make a movie because it would be like the ‘Precious’ movie. Tristan also said his story deserves to be told, so he can be paid and take care of his mom and feed his children the same way Chrisean’s family is with their alleged lies.

In another video, Tristan’s mom, Chyna, confirmed her son’s story. She recalled when Tristan confronted Tesehki about what she allegedly did to him, and she brushed it off, claiming that her kids were also molested.

Tristan said Tesehki was between 10-11 years old at the time.Rumor also had it that Tristan’s mom, Chyna went to prison, and her kids were split, and Tristan was left with Chrisean and Tesehki’s mom.


It is said that Chrisean Rock and Tristan haven’t had any issues and that the issue has always been with Tesehki.


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