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Woman says her 13-year-old son and 15-year-old nephew was sexually exploited by South Carolina minister, more men come foward


Everything is going DOWN, but the WORD of GOD….another so-called man of God is being called out for their alleged homosexual behavior with minor children.

A Greenville, South Carolina, woman told The North Carolina Beat that she filed a police report against a local minister, 33-year-old Brandon Coleman, for what she said was “sexual exploitation” of a minor.

Brandon Coleman


On April 2, 2023, Sherika Abercrombie said she felt bad about something. She said later that day, her nephew had a baseball game, and she was hesitant to go because of how she was feeling; nonetheless, she and her son went. While there, Sherika said she still had a bad feeling about something, so she sat in the middle of the bleachers.

Sherika said her 13-year-old son, Michael, whose last name we will not mention, sat beside her. She said her nephew, 15-year-old Zyrell, whose last name we will not mention, sat on the other side of Michael while they waited close til the game started. Sherika said her stomach was still in knots, and she couldn’t understand why she was feeling the way she was feeling.

Her son Michael, and nephew, Zyrell, started talking. Sherika said she was not listening to the conversation but noticed they were having a conversation. During their conversation, Sherika said she overheard them saying, “He is so weird. Why he gotta be so weird?” Sherika noted, “Weird?” she thought to herself, then she said she heard them say, “yeah, that’s why I took him off snap cus he be sending that gay stuff.”

Sherika said her ‘mama ears’ started kicking in, so she overheard her nephew say he wanted to show Michael the last thing that Coleman allegedly sent to him.

In a message sent to Zyrell on TikTok by a user name Brandon Coleman, it shows a man running on a treadmill as his pants fall to his underwear and his penis is vividly seen, which is very inappropriate for a 33-year-old man to be sending a 15-year-old child.


Sherika said she and Brandon Coleman attended the same church, and their pastor kicked him out the same day she told her about what Coleman allegedly did.

After seeing what Coleman was sending, Sherika said she contacted Coleman and told him to call her.

She said she did not want to believe that Coleman was the person she trusted.

When I asked Sherica if Coleman physically touched her son, she said they were still trying to figure out how long this had been happening.

We are still trying to figure out how far it went, Sherika said

Michael didn’t tell Sherika that Coleman touched him in a grooming setting but more when they were together at a local community center while “wrestling” and playing in “freeze tag in the dark”.

He wrestles with the kids, Sherika said. My son said ‘yes’ but it was more like when they were wrestling and he would touch and then he’ll say ‘my bad man’ to my son.

Sherika also added that her son and Coleman would be playing freeze tag in the dark and Coleman would touch “them”.

According to Sherika, detectives told her there was no charge for grooming, and because Coleman did not outright touch her son, instead during games mentioned above, which would require physical touching, no charges have been filed. This doesn’t mean that as Sherika continues working with investigators, new evidence won’t come up because it possibly could.

Speaking about these allegations, Brandon Coleman told The North Carolina Beat that his legal counsel would handle the matter concerning the claims published by Sherika. We asked Coleman for his legal counsel’s contact, and he told us that he would have them contact us, making us believe that Coleman was bluffing about legal counsel.

After Sherika blasted Coleman on Facebook, two men shared her post saying they also are victims of Coleman.

One man named Zay McDowell recalled when Coleman made him uncomfortable and tried to come on to him.


Another man named Brandon Hamilton recalled an incident between 2014 and 2015 when he was 13 or 14 with Coleman, saying he looked up to him as a mentor, but Coleman made him uncomfortable.

Hamilton said he was at Coleman’s uncle house one day when Coleman showed him a condom and said, “Oh man, you don’t know nun about this.” Hamilton said in his Facebook post that Coleman made a bet that his penis wouldn’t fit in the condom. Hamilton said he felt weird and mentioned it to one of Coleman’s family members.


Coleman and his wife, Brittany Coleman is said to have deactivated their Facebook pages.

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