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Woman says her sister poured acid on her, claims her sister didn’t like her telling her what was right


Word On The Curb… A TikTok user named NiqueDaGoatt1 recently shared a video where she mentioned needing assistance to fund reconstructive surgery after her sister allegedly threw acid on her. While this has sparked a lot of discussion on social media, some people are skeptical about the situation.


“My body is messed up, y’all… I don’t look like this,” the woman said. “Can y’all please donate to my GoFundMe so I can fix my face.”

The woman expressed that she is unable to alter the past, but she is deeply affected by the pain caused when her sister threw acid on her, leading to feelings of depression. Additionally, she mentioned that her tattoo on her arm had to be removed. Feel free to view the video for more details.


In a subsequent video, the woman expressed her frustration with the swirling gossip and aimed to set the record straight regarding the incident where her sister splashed acid on her. In a concise three-minute clip, NiqueDaGoatt1 revealed that her sister’s actions stemmed from disapproval of her association with individuals frequenting her home in search of “Molly.”

“I told her all she do is lay around and smoke all day… ‘you don’t want to hustle, you don’t want no motion…you wan’t stuff just handed to you,'” the woman informed her TikTok followers about what she had told her sister.

The woman’s sister, who she chose not to name, had her sketchy pals over during the argument, as per the woman. She mentioned to her sister that these shady friends weren’t true friends since they didn’t mind seeing her looking like a total druggie out in public.

“So, I’m in my niece’s room feeding my baby, and sh*t…she come in there and flips my baby’s food in my face… Do you understand what I’m saying?” That sh*t fu*k with my mind,” the woman continued.

After the woman threw a plate at her sister, she explained that her sister then retrieved a machete and attempted to stab her. She chose not to engage in a physical altercation in front of her nieces and nephews, emphasizing that her sister was upset due to her being honest with her.

“She hit me,” the woman told her TikTok viewers. “I had to let her hit me because she had a machete in her hand… I didn’t know what the f*ck she was gon do to me.”

The woman mentioned that her sister set aside the machete and they engaged in a physical altercation. Following intervention from a neighbor to stop the fight, the woman’s sister proceeded to throw her child’s possessions out of the house.

“I’m picking up our sh*t and she open up the door and throws this (Acid) sh*t in my face,” the woman said.

Please view the video below:

 NiqueDaGoatt1 mentioned in her video caption that she still had “7 additional surgeries ahead.” 


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