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VIDEO: Charlotte CATS bus driver FIRED & CHARGED after allegedly slapping passenger in the face


It is getting really terrible in the Queen City.

Word on the Curb… A bus driver in Charlotte decided to act criminally back in February by slapping a passenger over a question. Now, his former employer, CATS, has released the footage of the incident.

According to CATS, the assault happened on February 4. The altercation started when a passenger, Wilbert Little, asked the driver about the departure time of the bus. In a rude response, the unidentified driver said, “When I get on it.”

Bus driver argue with passenger before assault

 As per WCNC, Little went in search of a manager to address the situation. Surveillance footage captures Little heading back to the bus, only to be denied entry by the bus driver who closes the door. While the video doesn’t capture the audio, the driver is seen suddenly standing up, unleashing a string of profanities, and attempting to remove Little from the bus.
Another employee intervenes to restrain the situation.

Little managed to reach the upper level to catch the train, but the enraged bus driver caught up and confronted him, even striking him in the face twice. Transit Management of Charlotte confirmed the dismissal of the bus driver, with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police filing assault charges against him.

CATS mentioned that bus drivers receive de-escalation training, and security is present at the CTC center and on certain routes. The agency emphasized its commitment to promptly and fairly resolving the issue, prioritizing the safety and security of all individuals involved.


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