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Georgia man drowns after jumping off bridge on Facebook live, body recovered


Luther Johnson of Bainbridge, Georgia, jumped off a Bainbridge bridge on Tuesday evening and later drowned.

Johnson’s body was discovered 30 feet beneath the surface of the Flint River on Wednesday morning around 9:54 a.m., according to WALB.

Authorities claim they began looking for Johnson around 8:42 p.m. on Tuesday and stopped looking at 12 a.m. on Wednesday before resuming the search later Wednesday morning.

Emergency personnel claimed Johnson would likely still be alive if the man recording had called 911 sooner.

The incident is being looked into, according to Bainbridge police, who are also looking at the Facebook video.

The video was sent to The North Carolina Beat, which shows a man identified as Luther Johnson and his cousin Harold Allen Jr., walking along train tracks until they arrive at a bridge over the Flint River. Luther then can be seen taking off his shoes and shirt. He walks closer to the bridge and takes his coins and ID out of his pocket as Harold tells him to “give me all the money, give me all that.”

Come on Bainbridge, Harold yells. Y’all finna see some real stuff.

Harold then tells the city of Bainbridge to “buckle up.”

If a person told you to jump off a bridge, would you do it was a person…cause this guy is it.

Nahh…nahh…Dive from the top of that b***h, Harold is heard telling Luke.

Luther is then seen jumping onto a ledge. He falls backward into the water and begins swimming down Flint River, swimming in one spot at one point before disappearing and never resurfacing.

The following video may be upsetting to some:

According to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, there are alligators every one mile along the Flint River.

This is a developing story and The North Carolina Beat is following this story closely.

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  1. I believe, Harold must’ve believed Luke was messing with him or swimming under water, prob the reason he kept recording. He prob just thought he’s gonna pop up any minute. He was confused. He certainly wasn’t expecting his cousin to drown . You can tell they are prob dare devils and mess with each other all the time more than likely. Rip Luke! Prayers for Harold as well, I’m sure he’s taking a lot of heat, all the while grieving and feeling guilty.

  2. I hate the news because they’ll do ANYTHING for a story…he said he was getting the money because they weren’t coming back that way but yall cut the quote short…and as far as the saying “if someone told you to jump off the bridge, would you do it” is used to emphasize COMMON SENSE that ONLY YOU are responsible for because if they say do it and you do then that’s on you, he didn’t push him off the bridge, he didn’t hold a knife or gun to him to make him do anything….yes he should have called 911 sooner BUT would that have made a difference…maybe but maybe not….being stupid or a hype man is NOT a crime

  3. This is so sad….why would you continue to record saying damn? This has to be devastating that you just watched your cousin drown all while recording.

  4. One dead and the other left dreading his decision to amp him up to do it just to put their city on the map.
    This is going to leave their whole family hurt and most likely torn fueding and at odds blaming Harold for this terrible situation.


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