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Indiana man claims his cognitively impaired 9-year-old niece “forced” him to have sex with her


Police in Indiana have arrested a man for allegedly sexually abusing his cognitively impaired 9-year-old niece but claim he’s the victim in the case.

Ronnie G Black arrested by Indiana Police
55-year-old Ronnie G. Black

55-year-old Ronnie G. Black is charged with two counts of child molesting and two counts of vicarious sexual gratification, according to Wayne County Sheriff’s Office.

Black was taken into custody on August 10 after he admitted he sexually abused his 9-year-old niece on multiple occasions but claimed she “forced” him into the acts, according to a probable cause affidavit.

According to an affidavit, on August 8, the 9-year-old victim in a special education cla*s complained to her teacher that her genitals were hurting. The victim was then taken to a nurse who determined that the girl likely had a urinary tract infection. While heading back to cla*s, her teacher’s a*sistant asked if anyone had touched her, and she said Black, her uncle, did.

The affidavit said the girl stated Black touched her when he “wiped her.” The teacher a*sistant asked the 9-year-old how her uncle wiped her, and she said he uses his “bare hand,” the affidavit said. Police were called to the school, where school officials relayed the information the young girl told them that happened.

While in another office inside of the school, the affidavit states that she told Indiana police: “When he puts his privates in my privates, all I do is think about going home.”

According to the affidavit, what the little girl had been going through made the teacher’s a*sistant cry. The document said the 9-year-old girl hugged the teacher a*sistant and told her it would be “okay.”

According to the affidavit, the school contacted Indiana Child Protective Services, and the girl was taken for a forensic interview. In the interview, the girl detailed the sexual abuse allegedly committed by her uncle, Black. The details were graphic and shocking.

During the interview, the affidavit described the girl “kept moving back and forth, appearing to be uncomfortable” through the interview. She was asked what was wrong, and she said her privates hurt. The affidavit said she told the CPS caseworker that her privates had been hurting since her uncle had sex with her.

Richmond Police Department said they interviewed Black, and he told them that his sister’s daughter, his niece, visited him most weekends on Friday and Saturday. The affidavit said he told investigators that the girl’s mother would pick her up on Sundays. He was asked if he had ever touched his niece’s genitals, and he admitted using a medical gloved hand to teach her how to properly wipe.

According to the affidavit, Black told investigators that his niece was wiping herself improperly and was getting infections as to the reason he was wiping her. At one point in the interview, investigators said Black “denied having an inappropriate relationship with his niece.”

Later in the interview, investigators said Black’s story changed.

 “Black said that the girl had undressed in front of him and climbed into bed with him,” the affidavit reads. “Black said that she was naked while they were lying in bed together, and that the girl removed his shorts. Black stated that she climbed on top of him and the girl put his penis into her v****a. Black initially stated that he was asleep when this occurred, but eventually admitted that he was awake.”

Black also allegedly told police that his 9-year-old niece forced him to perform oral sex on her by hitting him in the back of the head after straddling him and demanding him to do so.

Black is currently in jail on a $50,000 bond.

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