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Indiana man claims his cognitively impaired 9-year-old niece “forced” him to have sex with her

Police in Indiana have arrested a man for allegedly sexually abusing his cognitively impaired 9-year-old niece but claim he's the victim in the case. 55-year-old...

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Baltimore Tech CEO let man who killed her inside apartment building, court documents say

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Court documents say missing Houston stripper was a witness in a capital murder case

Court documents reveal that a Houston stripper who is...

Charlotte High School basketball player committed suicide after break up with girlfriend

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Man who killed girlfriend, wrapped her in plastic, and left her body in a fridge sentenced to life

A 54-year-old man from Rhode Island will spend the...

Murder suspect accidentally released from Indiana jail is captured in St. Paul, Minnesota

A 28-year-old murder suspect, who was accidentally released from...

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