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Texas mother says her 3-year-old son was sexually a*saulted by three men at a church daycare


A Texas mother tells The North Carolina Beat that her son was sexually a*saulted at a Webster church daycare, and police are not doing anything about it.

3-year-old Noah

Ciera Lowery said that two weeks before she discovered that her 3-year-old son Noah was allegedly sexually a*saulted at his daycare, Little Peoples Greater Life in Webster, she observed a change in his behavior. She said her son started losing his appetite and didn’t want to eat, which was abnormal for him.

On Sunday, October 9, 2022, Lowery said Noah told her he didn’t want to go to school the following day. She said that was abnormal because her son has been attending daycare since he was one year old. Lowery said Noah, at the time, had been attending Little Peoples Greater Life for nearly a month.

I asked him why he didn’t want to go to school and he told me ‘because,’ and I kept asking him why and he kept saying ‘because,’ Lowery said.

Lowery said it was odd that her son didn’t want to go to daycare because he loved it. She said Noah started fake coughing and told her he was sick and didn’t want to go to daycare. Lowery said something wasn’t right about her son not wanting to attend daycare.

In September 2022, Lowery recalled being at home and noticed Noah go to the bathroom and leave the door open. She said she heard peeing noise, so she got up and went to the bathroom. When Lowery got to the bathroom, her son was standing up, twinkling, and she freaked out.

I asked him who taught him how to stand up and use the bathroom, and he told me his friend taught him, Lowery said. I told him he wouldn’t stand up and pee but sit on the toilet and use the bathroom.

Lowery said she contacted the teacher she had been communicating with since Noah started attending the daycare and asked who taught her son how to pee in the toilet standing up. She said the teacher never contacted her back but saw her at the daycare the following morning. Lowery said the teacher told her that Noah probably learned to pee standing up from the other children.

On Monday, October 10, Lowery said she took her son to daycare and told him she would pick him up early. She said after the peeing incident; she started picking Noah up at random times. Lowery said she began developing something suspicious about Little Peoples Greater Life daycare.

Little Peoples Greater Life Daycare and Greater Life Church in Webster, Texas.

When I dropped him off that Monday, his teacher asked me what time I was coming to pick him up but I didn’t tell her, Lowery said.

Lowery said she picked up her son later that Monday, and he was quiet. She said a random teacher with a smirk on her face said bye to Noah, but he didn’t say anything back. When they got in the car, Lowery asked why he didn’t want to say bye to his teacher, and Noah told her she was “bad.”

He kept saying no mommy, no mommy ‘she’s bad,’ Lowery said.

Lowery said when she and Noah arrived home, Noah didn’t want to play like he usually does when he gets home. She said her bestfriend, whose a police officer, was at her house, and he noticed Noah was digging. Lowery said her friend-cop asked her why her son was digging in his butt.

She said she took her son upstairs and asked him if he had to poop. Lowery said Noah told her ‘yes,’ but she said he was very soft-spoken.

He was very mellow when I was talking to him, which is very abnormal, Lowery said. I took a wet towel and wiped him, but I didn’t look or anything. I changed his clothes and put him on different underwear.

At the time, Lowery still hadn’t yet discovered that her son had allegedly been sexually a*saulted.

The next day, Tuesday, October 11Lowery said she took Noah to daycare. When she picked him up, the daycare owner, Hamsa, told her Noah was starting to talk. Lowery said she was confused because Noah talked before he began daycare at Little Peoples Greater Life.

Lowery said the teacher told her that Noah told her “a friend put his hand on a bench, and Noah sat on it.” Lowery said her antennas went up, and she started suspecting something was happening with her son at the daycare but hadn’t figured out what it was.

That Tuesday night, Lowery was sleeping with her, and she noticed him jumping in his sleep. She said he was also having nightmares. Lowery said she questioned herself as to why her son was having nightmares.

I didn’t get any sleep that night, Lowery said. I was just watching my son.

On October 12, Lowery took her son to daycare at Little Peoples Greater Life and discovered he was allegedly being raped there. On that day, Lowery said she took Noah to daycare and picked him up around 4 pm. She said she noticed he squinched when she picked him up this day.

I asked him if he had a good day, Lowery said. He said ‘yeah,’ but it wasn’t an exciting ‘yeah.’ It was abnormal how he said it.

Lowery said when she put her son in the car, he adjusted himself as if he didn’t want to sit on his bottom. She said when she got in the car, she noticed Noah had turned and was on his knees with his back and bottom towards her.

I was thinking maybe he had to poop because sometimes he’ll do that when he has to poop, Lowery said.

When they arrived home, Lowery said Noah grabbed a snack and headed upstairs. She said she noticed him struggling to walk up the stairs. But at the time, Lowery said she didn’t think anything of it.

After getting upstairs, Lowery said she was on the phone but also observing Noah. She said he was eating his snack while standing up and was playing on his tablet while standing up. Everything Noah was doing, he did it standing up on this day, according to Lowery.

I was confused about why my son didn’t want to sit down, Lowery said. I asked him if he wanted to sit in the bed with me, and he said, ‘No.’

The next minute, Lowery said Noah told her he had to go poop, so she told him to use the bathroom. While in the bathroom, Lowery said Noah called and screamed for her to come to the bathroom to wipe him. As Lowery wiped Noah, she said he started squinching “really bad.”

I asked him if that hurt because I swear I didn’t wipe him hard, Lowery said. He told me it did hurt him. After I cleaned him up, he went to my master bedroom bathroom and started screaming and crying.

When Lowery gets to the master bedroom bathroom, Noah has a lot of tissue in the toilet. Lowery said she told Noah before she wiped him again; she wanted to check him. She said she picked him up, checked him, and saw that he had been raped.

I grabbed my phone and I took pictures, Lowery said. And I asked him who did this. He kept saying a man did it.

Lowery said she asked her son who take him to the bathroom. She said he was trying to tell her a name, but then he said “a man” repeatedly. Lowery said she called his teacher and asked her who takes her son to the restroom, and she said the teacher told her all three and four-year-olds to go to the bathroom alone.

During the conversation, Lowery said she told the teacher Noah had told her that a man had touched him. The teacher told Lowery that “no one touched” her son and that no men work at the daycare. Lowery said she repeated to the teacher what her son told her.

After Lowery hung up with the teacher, she called the League City Police and filed a report. Lowery said when the officers arrived, she told them what had happened and showed them the pictures she had taken. They told her she needed to take her son to the hospital asap because he appeared to have been sexually a*saulted.

When Lowery arrives at the hospital with Noah, doctors check him out. She said Noah told her that the man was on his back. Lowery said her son had to undergo a series of tests.

The doctors concluded that Noah was sexually a*saulted.

Noah’s Hospital Diagonis

Noah’s intake questions about sexual a*sault.

Lowery said she has been hara*sed, stalked, and retaliated against since all of this. During her investigation and to find more information about what happened to her son, Lowery said the daycare tried to cover and lie, allegedly using other teachers as a scapegoat for who knew about her son allegedly being sexually a*saulted.

During Lowery’s investigation, she said she found out through another parent whose child was in the same cla*s as Noah that two young boys who attend Greater Life Church, which owns Little Peoples Greater Life daycare, would allegedly come and pull Noah and other kids out of the cla*s and take them to the church.

After discovering those men, Lowery said she showed the photos of the men to her son. She said Noah identified the men as the individuals who were sexually a*saulting him. Lowery said the League City Police closed the case citing that Noah was constipated.

I want justice for my son and the men who sexually a*saulted him arrested, Lowery said.

Lowery said the men also cut her son with scissors during this alleged a*sault.

The North Carolina Beat contacted Little People Greater Life Daycare and Greater Life Church for comment, and no one was immediately available.

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