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Blue Face makes Jaidyn Alexis and her bad BBL fight fan inside club


Blue Face who is on probation made his first-born child’s mother Jaidyn Alexis fight a fan inside the club

Word On The Curb…Blue Face is trending on the internet again, this time for being spotted in a club allegedly instigating a physical altercation between a girl and his baby mama, Jaidyn Alexis. Surprisingly, Jaidyn appeared unfazed as she calmly fought back in what seemed like slow motion.

Jaidyn Alexis and Blue Face

Blue Face performance in Salt Lake City, Utah turned fight after Jaidyn Alexis is forced to fight a fan

The celebrity couple was in Salt Lake City, Utah for an event organized by Diablo Entertainment and Ms. CEO Jones. It’s unclear whether the entertainment company or Ms. Jones had security in place to protect the unidentified fan from being coerced into a fight by the “thotianna” rapper.

Blue Face inside club before he pushed a fan to fight Jaidyn Alexis.
Blue Face inside club before he pushed a fan to fight Jaidyn Alexis.

Video shows Blue Face bringing fan on stage and pushes her into Jaidyn Alexis to fight

In the video that is circulating, Blue Face can be seen pushing an unidentified fan to confront Jaidyn Alexis. It’s unclear what led to the fight. Of course, we know Blue Face does things for clicks, views, and to promote upcoming projects, but this fan seemed genuinely scared, as the hip-hop rapper had to encourage her to fight Jaidyn.

Jaidyn, wearing a pink wig, could be seen scared to.



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