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Member of Cabo 6 Malik Dyler named party promoter of the year in Hartford, Connecticut


Malik Dyer who was inside the villa in Los Cabos, Mexico when Charlotte, N.C. native, 25-year-old Shanquella Robinson was beat and murdered has been named “Promoter of The Year” in Hartford, Connecticut. 

Cabo 6 member Malik Dyer

A struggling radio station in Hartford, Connecticut has awarded a member of the Cabo 6, who was inside the villa in Los Cabos, Mexico when 25-year-old Shanquella Robinson was brutally beaten to death, “Promoter of The Year.”

25-year-old Shanquella Robinson

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Death of Shanquella Robinson 

On October 29, 2022, Malik Dyer, the best friend of Daejhanae Jackson, the woman seen on video assaulting Robinson, along with five others, escaped facing charges in Robinson’s death after the FBI claimed that they could not determine the cause of Robinson’s death.

Although the Mexican authorities have issued a warrant for Daejhanae Jackson for attacking Robinson, it doesn’t seem like the Robinson family’s attorney, Sue-Ann Robinson, is interested in following up with the FBI on Daejhanae’s extradition.

26-year-old Daejhanae Imani Jackson

The Mexican authorities have stated on numerous occasions that they are awaiting the U.S. to extradite Daejahanae Jackson back to the country to face the charges of femicide.

Malik Dyer is a ‘well-known’ party promoter in Hartford, Connecticut 

Dyer, who is no stranger to hosting parties in Hartford, Connecticut, has moved on with his life after the FBI cleared him of any wrongdoing in the death of Shanquella Robinson but we will never forget how he lied, and didn’t even have the respect and humanity to give the Robinson’s family a condolence on their loss.

Shanquella Robinson’s best “friend” says ‘We have our first dead body, she through for’, while filming her asleep in Mexico

Recently, BusyRadio 92.9 FM in Hartford awarded Dyer the “Promoter Of The Year” for 2023.

Dyer is said to have also conspired with the lie about Shanquella Robinson dying of alcohol poisoning, until we released a video showing that she was brutally beaten.


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