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Shanquella Robinson’s best “friend” says ‘We have our first dead body, she through for’, while filming her asleep in Mexico


Chilleeeee, this case does not get any better, but it does get worse for the sleazebags who are in hiding from the fact that at any time now, they will be picked up for the murder of Charlotte, North Carolina native 25-year-old Shanquella Robinson.

I don’t know why these clowns thought they were going to get away with this one but guess what y’all a*s is grass. 

The truth of the matter is Khalil Cooke, Nazeer Wiggins, Malik Dyer, Wenter Donovan, Daejhanae Jackson, and Alysse Hyatt all should be locked up right now because they were there when Robinson was killed and lied and said she died from “alcohol poisoning.” 

A new video The North Carolina Beat has obtained shows Shanquella Robinson lying in a hammock asleep when her so-called “best friend” of more than five years walks up, saying, “we got our first dead bodyyyy..body, body, body, body, body. She through forrr,” and then laughs.

The video was posted to Shanquella’s Instagram story, and it had the time stamp of 8:45 p.m, which had to have been the night of Friday, October 28, 2022, when they arrived in Cabo, Mexico. A couple of more slides after show her eating tacos and toasting to drinks at 9:54 p.m.

To me, it certainly seems like Shanquella may have been set up. But what kind of “friend” walk up to his friend and say some shit like that? It is kind of like he knew she would be dead before the end of the trip, or he already knew what was going to happen. Because if a person is drunkkkkk, like the context of the video was trying to give, then she would not be at the dinner table eating tacos and having drinks an hour and some minutes later. The video was “trying” to give off as if she was tireddddddddddddddd and out for the night but still, who in the f**k says “we have our first dead bodyyyyy” like that to someone asleep or knocked out from being drunk? If she was even drunk… It is very WEIRD and suspicious.


Now, watch the part where Khalil Cooke walks up to Shanquella saying what he said below:

Now, what in the F**K?

The North Carolina Beat reached out to Bernard Robinson about the video, and he told us that he had never seen the video until we showed him Monday night.

“Gerald, thank you, Bernard Robinson said. I have never seen this video to now and it’s like he knew what was about to happen to my daughter.”

Mr. Bernard Robinson said that all of them on the trip with his daughter needed to be locked up now.

“They need to be locked up right now and they need to do the time in Mexico where they did the crime, Bernard Robinson said.”

Gerald spoke on this video tonight.



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  1. I honestly believe he was just stating she was out for the count….you know snoozing. It’s just an eerie coincidence. This was horrible but I’m not sure it was a set-up.

    • I completely agree. He clearly said, we have our first dead body, she too full. She obviously ate and drank to much and was the first to fall asleep.

  2. Where are you getting these videos? It would be helpful to know your sources. If they are legitimate, these “friends” need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, but how you’re getting these videos is the question we’d all like answered for Shanquella’s sake and the sake of her family. As you likely know, if you’re somehow hacking cell phone accounts, your information will not be admissible in a court of law. Conversely, it at least may prompt a formal investigation.

    On the other hand, if one of the “friends” has had a guilty conscience and has been sending you these video files, that would be a blessing. Hope that’s the case. In any case, keep up the good work.

  3. Gerald thank you thank you thank you for bringing this to the light. Without you this story could have gone dead. Because of you these maggets will get what the deserve. I wish for each of them to have a slow and painful jail sentence in Mexico

  4. I agree with that! And us as Americans should let them have peace either. They were laughing and drinking. Tell’em keep it up. Because I don’t think you’ll get tacos and liquor where they’re going!
    It might take a minute, but I truly believe if we keep there names out there. Something will happened. Trust me. Sometimes people that didn’t have shit to do with it. Make it there problem to get Justice.
    Let me ask? Is there anyone in this world if this was your daughter. Drunk or not, would you let them get away from killing her?

  5. This looks very much like it is part of a setup. It looks like he’s setting up an alibi. He is trying to make it look like she started getting drunk early. This is sick🥲🥲

  6. Could she have really been deceased in the hammock? Was Shaquella the one who posted the videos to her instagram or did her “friends” post it to throw everyone off with the time stamps?

  7. You are going an amazing job. God bless. I heard this morning from another blogger that Nazeer may be here in NYC. I blasted his picture on my social media to keep eyes and ears out. He can’t hide for long. I haven’t been able to sleep since seeing that video. #justiceforshanquellarobinson

  8. Keep up the great work you are doing young man.
    I am extremely proud of you and the stand you’ve taken. Continue trusting in God, HE gotchu and HE is using YOU.
    Thank YOU for sharing.
    This story hits home for me, but It was the Grace and protection of God that kept my daughter and the angel that was with her that night , when the devil attempted to harm her.
    We continue to plead the blood of JESUS and release HIS Hand of protection from danger seen and unseen. We command the guardian angels of the Lord to continue watching over you in JESUS Name.
    Awaiting the day for the capture of these people who commuted such unthinkable evil .

  9. I honestly think baby girl posted these things on her IG as a message to others in case of her demise! Very well played by her in my opinion and I am glad it’s working she recorded who was there to show EVERYONE INVOLVED because without these clues they could have said anything!! Social media can be hurtful at times but times like these it’s the best thing since Sliced bread! #JusticeWillBeServed #IBelieveGod

  10. Before y’all even jump on here saying I’m justifying this I’m not I’m just speaking my mind. I honestly don’t think the comment was made on her being “dead”. When a group is out drinking having fun or whatever the case may be, the “first one” that is either laid out or throwing up is considered “done for” or any other terms that falls under that category. It’s something the younger generation have done for a while.

  11. Everything that has unraveled about this case since the beginning is sooo crazy! This family will never see or hear her voice ever again.. It’s heartbreaking! Her “Best Friend” clearly was never her friend and all of this s**t seems planned. His loyalty was never to her, but it for damn certain is to these lame a** cowards that ended this beautiful young lady’s life! Yes, they’re hiding right now… But THEY WILL BE FOUND! I even heard yesterday that one of the lames involved, Alysse Hyatt, sister, Anita Hyatt, was murdered the same night/day that Shanquella died! She may be picked up at her own sister’s funeral.. Either way, they will be found, and I’m almost certain that they will start turning on one another for lighter sentences! #JUSTICEFORSHANQUELLA

  12. I think he saying we have our first dead body when someone is drunk or sleep first 🤔 I truly don’t believe he meant it in that context of pre meditated murder. I’m not saying he or they are innocent I just think when he said this it was bad timing 😔

  13. I think the term “dead body “ is used by young people when someone is sleeping or knocked out…but all of them should be charged with Quella’s death… They lied , left her for dead and then tried to cover the shit up…Straight to Mexico jail…if they put Brittney Griner in jail in Russia, they surely can send these creeps back to Mexico to serve time

  14. I just got done watching the video of Shanquella Robinson and it’s very heartbreaking my heart goes out to the Robinson and I pray they get the justice they well deserve. Khalil Cooke, Nazeer Wiggins, Malik Dyer, Winter Donovan, Daejhange Jackson, Alyssa Hyatt, and whoever else needs there a*s setting in jail if anyone can’t set and watch the video and see where Khalil Cooke saying We got are first died body that he didn’t know that something was going to happen to her then I don’t know what to say. I from the south a hour and a half away from Chocolate North Carolina and never have I heard anyone say some shit like that never and I’ve heard a lot of things I believe like you said it was plain and what they thought was taken her away from home and going to Mexico they get away with the shit they are sick they didn’t care about her and they sure as hell wanting any kind of friend to her. It’s so heartbreaking because one a true friend and I mean true friend going to step in and if they need help call and get it because within them 15 minutes Shanquella Robinson would still be alive and with her family. Not just that you go on a trip with her and say it happen if you didn’t have anything to do with it and cared about her you go show it to the family that’s just respect and that shows something. Gerald Jackson Thank you we need more people like you that give a f**k this world we live in we need a chance. Again thank you and thank you for helping this family my heart just breaks for them it’s so heartbreaking 🙏😮‍💨

  15. I don’t think the comment about the dead body was talking about what was about to happen. I truly think he was saying she was knocked out cold from sleeping. It is hard to distinguish what he meant considering they asses can’t be trusted. They all definitely deserve to be in prison!

  16. You are a blessing to this family. You are bringing them facts, although it may be hurtful, it is something they need to see. Shanquella will get justice because people will not just let this horrific crime go away without justice. God bless you!


  18. I think maybe her best friend seen something in her phone & told the others . I think maybe she said something about them to someone else bc in the fight video the girl told her to talk that shit now or something like that


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