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VIDEO: North Carolina cop seen on video brutally punching his K-9 dog


Word On The Curb… a  Fayetteville, North Carolina, police officer was caught on camera having a rough day as he unleashed a series of punches on his own K-9 companion. It’s a heartbreaking sight to witness animals being mistreated, especially by someone who should be their protector. The officer’s identity remains a mystery, and the Fayetteville police department has chosen to stay silent on the matter.

Woman arrested for shooting another woman in the face who stopped to help at a car crash in Fayetteville

The distressing footage captures the officer striking his K-9 partner multiple times during a routine traffic stop at a Walgreens. The scene escalates as the officer proceeds to grab the dog’s collar, seemingly choking him, and then forcefully grabbing the dog’s mouth to prevent a potential bite.


Stay tuned for further updates on this troubling incident.


  1. This officer should have been fired and charged for animal cruelty. The dog probably bit this officer in defense of the officer abusing him first. This policeman makes the Fayetteville police department look bad. Please get this dog to a safe place away from the Fayetteville police department.

  2. What I would Iike to see is the media get involved with undercover expose’s instead of always presenting these as ONE bad apple. K9 handlers are all taught and required to brutalize the dogs, and they kill far more of them than any suspects do. I share links to videos and articIes on free speech platform GAB. I used to also on FB before getting kicked off. My website is stopk9torture (dot) com

  3. This officer has no respect for his partner. There is no reason to punch his partner (be it a dog, punching is NEVER ACCEPTABLE). Not one day in that dogs training was punching used to teach him or discipline the dog. This human office should be disciplined with the same action as beating a human partner to unconsciousness. And he should have his partner taken away. No DOUBT in my mind he is not stable enough to handle to stress of an animal partner…

    • Oh really like being black let’s you shit bags commit crimes all the time just remember how many children have died at the hands of flying bullets by blacks

  4. That was completely uncalled for. That handler could have corrected the K9 in multiple ways, punching, choking and trying to hold his muzzle closed was only asking that K9 to defend it’s self! That poor K9 was being publicly assaulted!
    Fayetteville PD, I pray you ensure that this officer’s punishment fit the crime!
    That handler may have single handedly ruined 10’s of thousands of dollars as well as taken a K9 out of rotation.

  5. What are you investigating, It’s right in front of you. What else do you want. You have a sicko and abuser to animals on the force. The poor dog didn’t have a chsnce😠😠 how’s the dog doing???? This is completely unacceptable. He should be punished and marked as A felony. Apparently he has serious issues!!!!!!! No pay for the investigation, but the video doesn’t lie. He is just a a*s!!!

  6. This cop needs to be fired ASAP!!!! If I shoot a police dog I’m getting charged with shooting a cop. I don’t care what this dog did. The cop is supposed to be his protector. If he’s doing this to a dog, just imagine what he does to people!!!

  7. “What he bit him for?” Maybe because is the real criminal and had drugs on him or maybe he is tired of getting beat on. He should have bit dudes nuts off.
    The same rules should apply and he needs to be COMPLETELY stripped from his job not just suspended or put on desk duty.
    Seeing as there is video evidence there should be no paid leave during the “investigation” and he shouldnt be allowed/told to resign. This is a felony charge for civilians and the first time he struck or snatched up that dog he committed a felony and became a civilian.

  8. You are a SHAME ABUSER …?🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    • He sure doesn’t and the laws that are made for the citizens should also apply to him. To jail he should go with animal cruelty charges.


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