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North Myrtle Beach police sued after they held an 18-year-old girl at gunpoint, claiming her car was stolen


This must have been a total nightmare for the young lady in question.

The North Myrtle Beach police are in hot water for the distress and emotional harm caused by two of their officers in the 4500 block of Highway 17 South last month. La’Nisha Hemingway, an 18-year-old, was stopped on her way to a graduation celebration with friends, only to be ordered out of her Dodge Charger at gunpoint by North Myrtle Beach police officers.

The incident took place on May 3 in front of a Circle K on Highway 17 South. Hemingway has filed a lawsuit against the city of North Myrtle Beach, Police Chief Dana Crowell, and officers Mike Pacileo and Kayla Wallace, citing negligence, negligent supervision/hiring, false imprisonment, and a violation of her civil rights.

(Left) Officer Mike Pacileo (Right) Officer Kelly Wallace
(Left) Officer Mike Pacileo (Right) Officer Kelly Wallace

According to the lawsuit, Hemingway was driving at a reasonable speed when officers suddenly appeared behind her. Officers Wallace and Pacileo claimed they received a hit from a license plate reader indicating that Hemingway’s car had been in the vicinity, as reported by WBTW. The lawsuit alleges that when Hemingway eventually stopped, Pacileo exited his patrol car and aimed his gun at her.

La'Nisha Hemingway
La’Nisha Hemingway

In body camera footage released by Hemingway’s attorney, Wallace also pointed her gun at Hemingway. While holding her at gunpoint, the officers instructed her to kneel and place her hands behind her back, as detailed in the lawsuit.

Wallace can be heard on the body camera footage admitting that they had stopped the wrong vehicle, realizing it was not the car they initially suspected was stolen.

Myrtle Beach police warrants state that the shooting victim during Bike Week was attempting to defuse the situation

Hemingway’s attorneys further claimed that her car was unlawfully searched by the North Myrtle Beach police without probable cause or a warrant, deeming it unconstitutional. Wallace was eventually released after another officer confirmed it was not the correct vehicle.

The lawsuit places the blame on Chief Crowell, holding her “ultimately responsible” for the actions of Pacileo and Wallace.

Chief Dana Crowell

Attorney Tyler Bailey expressed determination to seek justice for his client.

“That’s what we’re here to get, is justice and accountability,” attorney Tyler Bailey told WBTW. “We hope the city of North Myrtle Beach will do everything possible to try to make right. So, far they have not done that at all.”

The officials in North Myrtle Beach are keeping tight-lipped about the lawsuit, choosing to remain silent on the matter for now.

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