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Judge delays his filing for Andrew Brown Jr family to view body cam footage, lies about ruling


A North Carolina Superior Court Judge is under fire after lying about allowing body-cam footage of Pasquotank County Sheriff’s Office murdering Andrew Brown Jr to be shown to the family within ten days.

Last Tuesday, Judge Jeff Foster from Pitt County, North Carolina ruled that the family of Andrew Brown Jr and one attorney would be allowed to watch nearly two hours of video from four body cameras and one dash within 10 days.

But that lie came to fruition Friday when Judge Foster finally entered ruling into records delaying the family’s ability to view what exactly happened to Brown. Instead of the family being able to view the video, Saturday, May 8, they will now have to wait until May 16. Not only did the Judge delay this viewing, but he also included in his ruling that the family will only be able to see less than 20 minutes of nearly two-hour video.

Through everything the officials in Elizabeth City, North Carolina have taken the Brown family through with lies and coverups, you would think a judge from another town would be impartial and fair, but it seems like Judge Foster is now part of the coverup.

This family deserves to know what happened to their loved one other than a notification that he was killed. What happened? How was he killed? What did he do to deserve death by the police? These are questions that can be answered if the police would show the family the body-cam footage.

According to North Carolina G.S.132-1.4, the body cam footage can be released to a personal representative of a deceased person whose image or voice is in the recording. (READ LAW BELOW)

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The law doesn’t say the video must be redacted or edited. It must be turned over to a true representative of a person who represents the deceased whose image or voice is in the recording, PERIODT!

These attorneys for the Brown family need to research the laws in North Carolina and fight for this family harder than they are.







  1. Is the court system giving any reason or justification for WHY this information is being edited and delayed? Are they waiting for the SBI and FBI to complete their investigations? Is there a concern that the footage could sway the “jury pool”? I am just wondering if there is an attempt, by the court system, to officially explain the edit and delay.

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