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Texas rapper ‘viper’ held woman captive in locked garage for years, turned her into his sex slave filled with drugs


Houston, Texas rapper ‘Viper’ whose real name is Lee Carter has been arrested and charged for kidnapping a pregnant panhandler and holding her as a sex slave for years in a locked garage. Police say the rapper forced the woman to smoke crack and have sex with him.

Houston, Texas rapper 'Viper' whose real name is Lee Carter
Houston, Texas rapper ‘Viper’ whose real name is Lee Carter

A Houston, Texas rapper is accused of kidnapping a pregnant woman, taking her to his home, locking her inside a garage, using drugs with her, and having sex with her. Court documents state that the woman was exploited as a “sex slave” by the rapper.

The details of the crime that the police laid out are horrific. Police said they charged the 52-year-old rapper, Lee Carter,with aggravated kidnapping. According to police, five years ago, the victim was pregnant and panhandling in Alameda Genoa when Carter reportedly gave her $1, as reported by FOX 26 Houston.

Carter, who is also a real estate broker, returned to where the woman was panhandling and drove her to his home on the 5200 block of Perry Street in the southeast part of the city. During her kidnapping, court documents obtained by Fox 26 stated that the woman “begged to leave,” but Carter gave her crack cocaine, rendering her unable to escape the locked garage.

The complaint that led to Carter’s arrest was filed in April 2023, after Carter allowed the woman to use his computer. On April 7, Houston police responded to the home and made contact with a woman who told officers that the struggling rapper had been holding her captive in his home. She also informed them that Carter had been sexually assaulting and drugging her since he abducted her four to five years ago.

Officers stated in their report that the victim informed them that she had previously escaped by breaking a window and climbing out. Court documents stated that at the time, the woman was transported to a hospital and admitted, but Carter picked her up and brought her back to the locked garage, boarding it up so she could never escape again.

Investigators reported that the woman was only given “chips and snacks” for food, and she never saw anyone inside Carter’s home. However, she often overheard him fighting with other women.

Neighbor told police that Carter once had three women inside his home

Houston, Texas rapper 'Viper' whose real name is Lee Carter
Houston, Texas rapper ‘Viper’ whose real name is Lee Carter

According to court documents, a neighbor of Carter informed the police that he had once had three women in his residence and also owned other homes where he kept women. According to the neighbor, Carter described the women to him as “ungrateful” because they “want more food and drugs.” Police said the woman was 30 years old and 5 feet 2 inches tall. She was malnourished and weighed just over 70 pounds when they found her last year.

Locked garage had a makeshift toilet that did not flush 

According to court documents, when fire officials entered the garage where the victim had been locked for years, they discovered a makeshift toilet that did not flush, as well as a bed mattress covered in “fresh vomit.” Police applied for a warrant for Carter’s arrest back in April, but he was arrested this past Friday when police conducted a welfare check at his residence. The check was prompted by a report of a television being on and a dog barking inside the residence.

Upon arriving at Carter’s home, officers quickly rescued a dog from the garage, where police believe Carter had been holding the victim captive.

Carter was apprehended at a motel and is currently incarcerated in Harris County Jail on a $100,000 bond. Police said it is unclear whether the woman gave birth, and if she did, what happened to the baby.

Carter, professionally known as “Viper,” is most well-known for the 2008 album “You’ll Cowards Don’t Even Smoke Crack.” His music uploads have garnered millions of views on YouTube.


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