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Woman says she was scammed out of a wig by a Durham hairstylist


Word on The Curb…a hairstylist in Durham, North Carolina is on the move with a lady’s hard-earned $175, which she spent on a wig for her daughter’s big graduation day. But here’s the twist – neither the wig nor the refund has made an appearance yet!

It appears that the stylist, Robert Covington, also known as TooMuchRob or RobbStylez, may need to dig into his fake Atlanta flea market birkin bag and cough up this woman’s money. Graduation is over, so he can keep the wig he ordered from AliExpress.

Tymesia Sams told The North Carolina Beat that she wanted to order a wig for her daughter’s graduation, which took place on June 12, 2024. She mentioned that she was referred to Robert and placed an order for a black 30-inch straight frontal wig on May 31. Sams stated that Robert charged her $175 for the wig.

“That same day, he told me he was going to tell me when the wig shipped out and then that it would arrive that day,” Sams said.

She mentioned that after a brief wait, she contacted Robert on Monday, June 3 to ask about the wig’s delivery date. Robert explained that he was awaiting the wigs to arrive in Anchorage, Alaska, and would then provide a delivery date for when they would reach the Bull City.

In the text exchanges obtained by The North Carolina Beat, Robert told Sams that the wigs were being shipped from China. Then, on Thursday, June 6 around 8:05 a.m., Robert messaged Sams, assuring her that her wig would reach Durham before 7pm, and he would update her once they were delivered.

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Sams replied to Robert, telling him that she needed to have the wig at her daughter’s stylist over the weekend and suggesting they meet for the wig exchange. However, after sending that message, Robert ignored Sams for the entire day. The following morning, on Friday, June 7th, Sams sent a friendly message to Robert, asking about the delivery of the wigs he had previously mentioned would be in Durham twice.

Sams reiterate to the bad liar that she needed the wig for her daughter’s stylist on Saturday. In response, Robert sent a voice note with yet another lie, stating that the wigs were definitely on their way. He also mentioned that he had additional wigs coming with Sams and assured her that he would text her as soon as they arrived.

If Robert’s breathing, he’s lying…he apologized for not texting back the day before, claiming he was installing another AliExpress wig on a client’s head.

Robert Covington, known as TooMuchRob or RobbStylez
Robert Covington, known as TooMuchRob or RobbStylez


Later that Friday night, Sams reached out to Robert, asking about the status of her order and apologizing if she was being persistent. She wanted to know where her money or the wig she ordered for her daughter was. The following day, on Saturday, June 8 at 9:34 a.m., Robert responded with a picture and a video of a sample wig Sams had purchased, along with a detailed message.

In his message, Robert explained that he had just got back to the phone that Sams and he had been texting and acknowledged the delay in delivering the wig. He apologized for not meeting the 3-5 day timeframe he initially promised after the 1-day processing period she had paid for.

“I don’t want you to think I’m scamming you,” Robert told Sams. “I just seen this text. I’m not, it’s just the wigs coming from China and I have like 3-4 tracking #’s I’m checking everyday.”

Robert offered to reimburse Sam for the money she had paid if she was feeling stressed or suspicious about the situation. He assured her that he could definitely give her a refund or update her on the status of the wigs. Additionally, Robert mentioned that he was considering refunding half of Sam’s money once the wigs arrived, as he was caught off guard by the events that transpired, including his own misleading statements.

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He then requested Sam to inform him of her decision regarding the refund. In a voice message response, Sam straightforwardly confronted Robert about his fabrications and inconsistent narratives, questioning the certainty of the wig’s arrival since a week had passed without any sign of the product reaching her.


Later that Saturday afternoon, around 2:13 p.m., Sams told Robert that she would be available until around 3:30 p.m. as she needed to pick up her daughter. At 3:44 p.m., Robert replied that he was out for delivery and would bring her money and wig. By 5:43 p.m., Sams messaged Robert, giving him an hour to contact her regarding the wig, as she was ready to head home after visiting two stores in the city.

Guess what? Robert ghosted and ignored Sams again, and to this day, she still does not have the wig, nor did she get her money back from Robert.


created by photogrid
created by photogrid

The North Carolina Beat reached out to Robert for a statement, but he did not provide one before the publishing of this story.


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