Monday, July 15, 2024

“Struggling Youtuber” Armon Wiggins chasing clout with white stuff in his nose


Chileeeeeeeeeeeeeee Word On The Curb struggling Youtuber 34-year-old Armon Areece Wiggins is out here in these streets looking like somebody done threw a bag of White Lily Flour under his nose, and everybody is saying, “It’s GIVIN COKE,” but all of us Annalise Keating students say it’s nothing but CLOUT CHASING.

The bills are due soon, and the old man needs some money.

Just think for someone to talk so much shit about other people being on drugs. Why would this clown be caught slipping? Y’all know Wiggins wants us to believe he’s smart, but he isn’t because this was a bad publicity stunt.


In a video that is circulating on social media, you will see Wiggins quickly rub his nose, slightly play it off, and looks at the camera as if he wants us to know he is on those hard-a*s drugs and didn’t stand in the mirror and build a brick of flour in the corners of his nose…to get online hoping the blogs will pick him up and give him some PRESS, PRESS, PRESS.


This clown knew exactly what he was doing when he posted the above video to his Instagram story.

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