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Georgia police show up at the wrong house and hold a mother at gunpoint with assault rifles in front of her children


A Georgia family was left in shock when the South Fulton Police Department showed up at their doorstep with assault rifles in search of a man named “James”, only to realize they had mistaken the house. The family, who prefers to remain anonymous, revealed that no one from the police department even offered an apology. They are now demanding accountability for the distress caused to their family in their own home.

Surveillance footage provided by the family to 11Alive captured the moment multiple South Fulton Police officers arrived at their residence on High Tide Drive at 7 a.m. on a Thursday morning. Inside the house were four children, aged 13, 11, 4, and 2, along with their mother. The mother recounted that they were in the midst of preparing for school when her 11-year-old son noticed the unusual activity outside.

“He walked past the window to come towards my room and was like mom the police are outside,” she explained.

She mentioned that she personally verified the presence of officers in her driveway and along the street. The woman noted that police were even obstructing her truck. Curious, she made her way downstairs to investigate the reason behind the officers’ visit to her home.

“I open the door, and there are like three or four assault rifles pointed at my face at seven o’clock in the morning,” she explained.

She recounted how the officers began shouting, “Where’s James? Where’s Mr. James?” To which she coolly replied that she had no clue who they were referring to.

“I don’t know. This is not the James residence.”

Once the officers got the woman’s address and she shared it with them, she noticed a shift in their demeanor as they casually strolled away.

“He looks at the officers that are pointing at me from my driveway and he shakes his head and they just walk off,” she explained.

As per 11Alive, the woman shared that none of the officers offered an apology or acknowledged their mistake of showing up at the incorrect address. Instead, they swiftly hopped into their vehicles and zoomed off.

She vividly described to the outlet the sheer trauma of the experience.

“It was a traumatizing experience, just the way he was yelling at me so aggressively and me just thinking they’re going to kill me,” she explained. “They’re not listening to me because you already had it made up in your mind, ‘James is in this house.”’

The woman expressed that the situation was exacerbated by the fact that her kids were indoors and witnessed everything. She mentioned that her 11-year-old usually starts the truck on chilly mornings to heat it up before school, but thankfully, on that Thursday, he wasn’t the first one downstairs.

It could have been much more dire.

The South Fulton Police announced on Saturday morning that they are reviewing the incident to confirm that all protocols were adhered to properly.


  1. This is a damn shame I guess they be so happy to go catch somebody that they dont even take the time to do surveillance anymore. They dont know who all is in the house they dont care if kids are in there they dont care if elders or disabled people are in there and dont even know if they have the right address. When they seen a woman answer the door they should have lowered their weapons and talked to her like a human being and not a loose aggressive dog or how they talk to their women and children.
    I guess they still have not learned that loud aggressive yelling and behavior does not get them the answers they are looking for and makes people shut down. They didnt even show a warrant so even if James was in there she didnt have to yell them.
    What if her son did not see them and opened the door? Would they have kept their weapons pointed at him yelling too?
    What if one of their trigger happy officers got nervous when she opened to door and started shooting or yelled gun??
    The fact that they just walked off with no apology or not even an explanation like they done nothing wrong is sick.

    Say James lives on the same block just a few houses down and like other neighbors he looked out to see what was going on and took off again.


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