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Man found guilty of killing his girlfriend at her job after he claimed that he caught an STD days after having sex with her


Keith Eric Agee, 20, was sentenced to life in prison after a jury found him guilty of shooting and killing his 18-year-oldgirlfriend, Brooklyn Sims. He believed she had given him an STD days after they had sex.

Keith Eric Agee
Keith Eric Agee

He testified in his own defense in Escambia County, Florida, but the jury was not convinced and found him guilty of the murder of his girlfriend, Brooklyn Sims.

During his testimony, Agee told the jurors that he drove to Home Depot and killed his girlfriend. His mother, Sheila Agee, 50, is also facing murder charges, but her case is still ongoing. Prosecutors said that she encouraged her son through text messages to carry out the murder of Sims.

Prosecutors said Keith Eric Agee intended to kill 18-year-old Brooklyn when he left his job and drove 90 minutes to her workplace.

On the stand, Agee said he felt angry, hurt, and betrayed after finding out that he had contracted a sexually transmitted disease (STD). He told jurors that he left his job on August 11, 2023, retrieved his gun from home, and drove 90 minutes to a Home Depot where his mother and Sims worked. According to Agee on direct, his mother told him where Sims were located in the store, and he confronted her.

‘You gave me something’

Agee testified that when he saw Sims, he became even angrier. He told the jurors that Sims walked away from him mid-conversation – and that’s when he pulled out his gun, and fired rounds into her.

“I pointed my finer at her and said, ‘You gave me something,'” Agee said. “She said, ‘Not this again and turned around and proceeded to walk from me. I’ve never been so made in my life. …I pulled my firearm from my waistband and I proceeded to shoot Brooklyn.”

In a shocking follow-up statement, he told jurors that he would not have shot Sims if she had not turned her back to him. Co-workers at Sims’ job testified and told the jury that they heard Agee tell Sims that she had given him something. One witness stated that Agee already had a gun in his hand when he began talking to Sims.



Sheila Agee charged with murder for encouraging her son to kill Brooklyn Sims: “Don’t call nanny and tell her she will try and talk you out of it.”

Keith’s mother, Sheila, is also charged with murder in Sims’ death. Prosecutors alleged that after her son told her that he believed Sims had given him an STD, she allegedly encouraged him to kill Sims.

“Ok I’ll call you and tell you mf if you want to go to jail I’ll tell you when we get close but if you don’t come kill her you a mf b–ch,” she wrote in a text, according to deputies. “Don’t call nanny and tell her she will try and talk you out of it.”

Prosecutors showed text messages to jurors that showed Sheila and Keith discussed deleting the evidence of their conversations about killing Sims

“Hold up let me get it erase the texts cause I don’t want nobody to know I was texting you stupid a–,” she allegedly wrote.

Prosecutors also told jurors that before Sheila was arrested for being an accomplice to first-degree murder, she attended a balloon release in honor of Sims.

Prosecutors presented evidence that Brooklyn Sims did not have an STD and did not give it to Keith

The jury was presented with evidence by prosecutors that Sims did not have an STD. Jurors were able to see a picture that Sheila sent to Agee of a doctor’s appointment on August 5, which showed that she did not have the sexually transmitted disease.

The judge on Wednesday described the shooting as a “textbook definition of premeditated murder because you got mad and blamed her for something, in disgusting irony, that wasn’t even her fault. And if you had taken the time to think about it, you would have found that out, the judge said.


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