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New York neighbor who shot and killed father and son fatally killed by police after three-day manhunt


Police in Brooklyn, New York, say that the man responsible for shooting a father and son, who were his upstairs neighbors, was fatally killed by police Wednesday morning.

The suspect, identified as 47-year-old Jason Pass, was always complaining about noise, according to the victim’s family. They claim that they weren’t making any noise.

But on Sunday, Pass confronted the family with a concealed pistol before pulling it out and fatally shooting his upstairs neighbors, 47-year-old Bladimy Mathurin and his 27-year-old stepson, Chinwai Mode.

Mathurin’s wife, Marie Delille, told local reporters that ever since her family moved onto the fourth floor of the Flatbush Gardens apartment building four years ago, they have been having conflicts with Pass living directly below them. She said he constantly complains about their children being too loud.

Delille said she was in the kitchen doing dishes when she heard a bang on the door. She said she had asked everyone in the home if they had made a noise, and everyone said no.

My husband banged back. The man [Jason Pass] came upstairs and kicked the door, Delille said.

Police said Mathurin opened the door and argued with the neighbor before grabbing scissors and threatening to harm them.

Social media is blaming Delille for her husband’s death, claiming that her pulling his shirt caused him to lose focus on Pass, whom he could have tackled or prevented from being shot.


Early Wednesday, police pulled over a car that Pass was driving on Bay 44th Street. He got out of the vehicle with a knife and started running away, according to the police. After a pursuit and a confrontation with Pass, police said he charged at officers with a knife, and that is when they opened fire.

He didn’t give us a choice, he decided to charge at officers forcing them to protect themselves, said NYPD Chief of Patrol John Chell.

Pass was shot four times – three times in the chest and once in his right leg, according to the police. Pass was still alive after the shooting and was rushed to NYU Langone Hospital in Brooklyn, where he later passed away.

Chell said that officers attempted to negotiate with Pass before he was shot.

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