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8th person arrested in brutal torture murder of Alabama mother Mahogany Jackson


Eight demons have been apprehended for the tragic murder of a mother in Alabama, where they subjected her to torture before taking her life.

The Birmingham Police Department released a statement on Friday afternoon regarding the apprehension of an individual named Ariana Lashay Robinson, aged 23 and hailing from Hueytown. Robinson has been charged with felony murder/kidnapping, with law enforcement officials identifying her as a suspect in the initial phases of the inquiry.

Ariana Lashay Robinson
Ariana Lashay Robinson

This heinous act has left seasoned Alabama investigators shaken, with the details of the crime too gruesome to be fully disclosed out of respect for the victim’s family.

The body of Mahogany Jaquise Jackson was discovered in the early hours of Monday, following a concerned citizen’s report of a woman lying by the roadside in Birmingham.

Mahogany Jaquise Jackson
Mahogany Jaquise Jackson

The 20-year-old victim, Mahogany, had suffered a fatal gunshot wound, and authorities revealed that she had also been sexually assaulted during her abduction. Despite being held captive, Mahogany managed to send a distressing text to her mother seeking help.

“Send the police apt 3 held hostage don’t call,” Mahogany texted her mother Sunday.

Police rushed to the apartment on Sunday and questioned one of the suspects, but Mahagony, who had been held captive in various places, had already been moved from the apartment where she managed to text her mother. The chief, during a press briefing, refrained from disclosing the specific locations where Mahogany was taken or where she was tragically found deceased under a mattress, as per the police report.

Although the motive for the murder has not been revealed by the authorities, the chief did mention that Mahogany was familiar with the seven suspects, who were acquaintances and had recorded some of the harrowing final moments.

The other individuals arrested in connection with Mahogany Jackson’s murder are listed below:

(Left) Brandon Pope (Middle) Francis Harris and Jeremiah McDowell (Right)
(Left) Brandon Pope (Middle) Francis Harris and Jeremiah McDowell (Right)

Brandon Pope at 24, Francis Harris at 25, and Jeremiah McDowell at 18, are facing serious charges of capital murder in connection with first-degree sodomy and kidnapping.

(Left) Giovannie Clapp and Blair Green (Right)
(Left) Giovannie Clapp and Blair Green (Right)

Giovonnie Clapp, aged 23, and Blair Green, aged 25, are facing serious charges including felony murder, first-degree kidnapping, and first-degree sodomy. Clapp also faces an additional charge of second-degree assault causing injury.

(Left) Teja Lewis and Si'nya McCall (Right)
(Left) Teja Lewis and Si’nya McCall (Right)

23-year-old Si’nya McCall is facing some serious charges, including felony murder, first-degree kidnapping, and first-degree sodomy. Meanwhile, 25-year-old Teja Lewis is also in hot water, charged with felony murder and second-degree assault causing injury with a weapon.

The whole crew of suspects is currently cooling their heels at Jefferson County Jail without the luxury of bond, as per the police.

The Birmingham police sprang into action after Mahogany went missing, treating it as a missing persons case after receiving her distressing text message on Sunday. Thanks to her family’s swift response and the public’s involvement in the search, the seven suspects were swiftly rounded up.


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