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WATCH: Woman shot at Burger King on Old National in College Park


Word On The Curb..a woman was reportedly shot at Burger King on Old National Highway in College Park, Georgia. The whole incident was caught on camera and has now gone viral on Instagram.

The details surrounding the individuals involved and the events leading up to the shooting remain unclear but it is rumored that the incident was over a burger. However, what is evident from the video is that guns were drawn, and a woman who seemed to have no part in the altercation was shot while standing in the fast-food restaurant’s doorway, next to the woman who was actually involved in the altercation.

In the footage, a Burger King employee emerges from behind the counter, while another woman with dreadlocks is seen brandishing a gun, threatening the employee. Meanwhile, a man, who appears to be the shooter, tries to prevent the employee from reaching the other woman.

Shortly after, the employee is seen running outside past the person filming, while the other woman flees to her car. Moments later, the employee heads towards the entrance of the Burger King, facing the gas station and Food Mart. Then, the alleged shooter seemingly takes the gun from the woman and moves towards the entrance, pausing briefly before aiming and firing twice, hitting what is said was an innocent woman.

Following the shooting, a man can be heard asking his mother if she is okay.

“Mama, you good?, the man could be heard saying.



No further information is available.


  1. So you mean to tell me that an able bodied “WOMAN” has a problem with another WOMAN and pulls a gun but wont use it so the “MAN” took the gun and shot the WOMAN but missed and hit an INNOCENT WOMAN that had nothing to do with them or their situation but just there to by burgers with her son?
    If his p*ssy dont stank then it must be his “womans”
    Then you got a big and tall employee just standing behind what looks to be his boss (by the color of her shirt) and he does not step in to grab her or defuse the situation.

    Did they innocent mother live? I hope they catch itchy and scratchy and lock them up for a long time. There was no need for a gun. If the “woman” was that mad it could have been settled with a fight in the parking lot. She would have still been going to jail but not for a gun charge or accessory.

    Ps Why you aint been live?


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