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WATCH: Pastor Shirley Caesar trends after a video surfaces of her reminiscing about a bishop at his funeral


Word On The Curb…the Queen of Gospel, Pastor Shirley Caesar, is going viral after a video surfaced online of her at a deceased bishop’s funeral where she mentioned basically wanting to have phone s*x with him.

Pastor Shirley Caesar/ Leoneda Inge / WUNC

Social media is now calling the Raleigh, North Carolina pastor a “freak”.

In the video, it seems as though Pastor Shirley Caesar is about to sing at Bishop Marion Edward Wright Sr.’s funeral before she recalls how he used to charm her. She recalled a time when she was in Paris singing and they had a phone conversation. She said she wanted him to “talk some juicy talk.”

Bishop Marion Edward Wright Sr.
Bishop Marion Edward Wright Sr.

But Bishop Marion instead started philosophizing.

She said it was beautiful in Paris, and she wanted to tell Bishop Marion about how nice everything was, but he started philosophizing again.

Pastor Shirley Caesar
Pastor Shirley Caesar

“I said I don’t want to hear that,” Pastor Caesar said she told the bishop. “I…want to hear some love talk.”

Pastor Caesar said, “Finally,” Bishop Marion got around to the love talk but claimed it took him a long time. She said that even when Bishop Marion would call her, he would philosophize, but she wanted him to just say “I love you.”

She then ended by saying, “I thought maybe I’d wake you all up, since he didn’t.”

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