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North Carolina pastor who went viral for leaked tape now seen on video trying to fight homeless man


Apostle Dameyon Massey of The Remnant Church Outreach Ministries in Fayetteville, North Carolina, who gained viral attention in September of this year after his boyfriend, Roderick Jones, released their sex tape,  almost assaulted a homeless man on last Saturday.

Word On The Curb…a crybaby wannabe Apostle, Dameyon Massey, who gained attention after a private video was leaked by his boyfriend, was seen feeding the homeless in Fayetteville, North Carolina. However, when a homeless man declined the food and asked him to stop filming, it caused a stir.

Apostle Dameyon Massey
Apostle Dameyon Massey

In response, Massey films the man’s face out of disrespect and asks him to tell his name. The man stated his name but then informed Massey that neither he nor the others in the direction Massey was walking wanted to be filmed.

“Just film the food or something,” the homeless man said to Apostle Massey.

Massey and the man go back and forth briefly before Massey instructs one of his church members to hold his phone. In the background, the member could be heard calling out another man’s name, possibly for help, as the situation seemed to be escalating between the so-called man of God and the homeless man.

‘This my camera’

Apostle Dameyon Massey confronting homeless man.
Apostle Dameyon Massey confronting homeless man.

After Massey handed his phone to one of his members, he approached the homeless man and began to berate him. The person holding Massey’s phone did not film Massey in the man’s face, nor does it show if the disreputable apostle laid hands on the man. However, the audio tells a different story.

“I’m telling you, don’t get it twisted,” Apostle Massey could be heard telling the man.

Members of Massey’s struggling ministry tried to calm him down and pull him away from the man, but the devil-filled apostle ignored them. Moments later, the apostle retrieves his phone and appears to threaten the homeless man, telling others to make him go before he has no other choice. As the homeless man continued speaking in the background, instead of Massey walking away, the unscrupulous apostle chose to continue engaging and escalating the altercation.

One would expect a man who stands in the pulpit and professes to be an Apostle in the Lord’s Church to have more self-control than to stand on a street full of homeless people and risk getting shot and killed. Fortunately, the versatile Apostle faced no consequences for his disrespect that day.

“You think I’m playing bruh? I’m not playing with you bruh,” the homeless man said. “Turn that camera the f*ck around dawg.” I’m not playing with you bruh…I’m not playing with you at all.

‘Y’all call the police before it be a massacre’ 

With the prevalence of mass shootings in America, Massey thought it was amusing to joke about committing a massacre simply because a homeless man asked him not to film those who did not give consent.

“Listen, y’all call the police before it be a massacre,” Apostle Massey said. “Call the police before it be a massacre.”

The homosexual Apostle then attempted to manipulate the homeless man by using the church’s efforts to help the homeless as a justification for filming them. He also referred to the homeless man as ‘angry’ and implied that he did not know how to accept a ‘helping hand.’ Massey then suggested that the man go to another street if he or the others didn’t want to be recorded.

But how can you justify asking a homeless person, who is living on the street you are feeding on, to move to another street just because you’re filming on their territory? It’s clear that the Apostle only cares about being seen. The self-proclaimed Apostle then delivered a low blow, criticizing the man for his inability to help others due to his own situation.

“These ain’t your people, Apostle Massey with a nasty attitude said to the man n”Because if it was your people, guess what?.. You can feed them.”

‘You don’t want it brother, you don’t want it’

Massey could still be seen arguing back and forth with the man, telling him, “You don’t want it.” Moments later, he finally walks away before turning the camera back on himself. He responds to a comment on the video suggesting that the homeless man had a mental illness.





  1. These asstors are becoming more and more obnoxious by the day and Im sick of it.
    Every time I THINK Im ready to go back to church here come another abusive sassy messy or pedophile lying a*s pASStor reminding me of why I must continue to stand my ground and not budge.

    When you are doing something that you say is from the heart you dont create additional witnesses/audience. While there are some people who are homeless by choice there are some who are homeless due to circumstances and have adapted and become comfortable but there are many who had no choice and while they may have partially adapted just enough to survive they are uncomfortable embarrassed depressed and disappointed with themselves so no they do not want a camera in their faces it makes them feel even worse. They already have to live eat sleep and use the bathroom publicly the last thing they want to do is to receive what they feel is a handout on camera.


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