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Mississippi woman unalive her husband on Facebook live after finding out he’s gay


The universe is mad as hell with Mississippi…so much has been happening there lately, and now a woman is behind bars for allegedly murdering her husband while she was streaming on Facebook live.

According to Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office, they responded to a domestic violence call located at 500 Greentree Drive around 7:42 a.m. Saturday morning.

Upon arrival, police arrested 28-year-old Kadejah Michelle Brown and charged her with murder after she allegedly killed her husband, Jeremy Brown.

Kadejah Michelle Brown

Jeremy was pronounced dead at the scene.

The shooting was captured on audio during a Facebook Live Kadejah started minutes before the gunshots could be heard.

During the Facebook Live, Jeremy tells Kadejah to stop putting her hands on him. The audio continues, and it captures Jeremy saying he would call the police because Kadejah was pulling a gun out on him.

I’ll kill yo a*s tonight b***h, Kadejah could be heard saying.

Jeremy says he is going to grab his “shit,” to which Kadejah responds, “everything in this house belongs to me.”

The next thing you know…a gunshot is heard. Kadejah had just shot and killed Jeremy.


Jeremy Brown

Days before Kadejah allegedly shot and killed her husband Jeremy, she put him on blast for being a cheater and gay.

In one social media post, Kadejah wrote, “I have a bisexual husband, Jeremy Roc Brown.”


In another social media post, Kadejah wrote, “National sale and lease manager fucks his employees Jeremy Roc Brown.”


Kadejah posted another social media post of what appears to be a screenshot of Jeremy messaging another woman on Facebook Messenger. In the caption, Kadejah calls Jeremy a “cheater.” 


Police said a 9mm handgun and other physical evidence were recovered from the scene. 

There was a history of domestic violence between Brown and the victim (Jeremy), Sheriff Eddie Hawkins said. This was a tragic and senseless murder, and our thoughts and prayers go out to the victim’s family. Fortunately, Brown is in custody, and we look forward to the criminal justice system holding her accountable. 

Kadejah is in the Lowndes County Jail without BOND.

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  1. She said oh shit, I’m gonna go to jail. And she was screaming. It don’t sound like she meant to shoot him. She sounded shocked that the gun went off. And the fact that she only fired once. I don’t think it was intentional.
    The mom told her daughter to stop hitting him, she told them both to stop fighting and sit down some where. The daughter should have just let him go to work. Very sad situation. I heard the kids start to cry at the end. So sad for the whole family torn apart over emotions.

  2. How can a woman not think about her children it’s pure evil and selfish to take some one life this story is heart broken the man was trying to leave and not fight I pray justice be served I’m pretty sure her conscious gone eat her up she not gone be able to live knowing she shot her husband her kids father those poor kids gone need help

  3. She didn’t care at all about her children who she traumatized…This is a selfish B*tch…And the B*tch in the background egging it on needs to be held accountable to…Two B*tches putting children through Hell…smdh …My sympathy to the children and to the victim’s family…😔🌹❤️🌹..LYM


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