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[VIDEO]: Houston woman hit in the face with brick after refusing to give her number to a guy


Houston woman

A Houston woman says she was hit in the face with a brick after a man asked for her number and she told him no.

The details of the incident are limited since the video was uploaded by the woman herself who is making the accusations. In the video, the woman has a knot the size of a grapefruit, which she said was caused by being hit with a brick.

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She said that a guy approached her, asked for her number, she told him “no”, and then picked up a brick. The woman said that black men stood by and did nothing as she was struck by an unidentified man.


It is disheartening to see Black men standing idly by while a Black woman is being assaulted by a man who cannot handle rejection.

A new video has surfaced of the woman above, seen slapping a white man in the face. The Houston woman appeared to be wearing different clothing in the video than she was wearing on the night she was hit with a brick.

A brick was still not necessary for her to be hit with, but we must also acknowledge that you do not get to pick the karma you receive.


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  1. I don’t walk out of my house with a cape on. I am not trying to get hit with a brick nor am I in others business. There are police that handle these issues. Black men are murdered daily I don’t hear black men asking black women to take a bullet for them or defend them.

  2. This women is does skits on tiktok with WILLING participants. This is not even the same day. Shirts are totally different. One is lace and the other has sparkles on it. Even if it was the night, don’t justify a brick to the dome. Y’all men are sus. She didn’t say she got hit for hitting a white men (which I’m sure we all enjoy). She said she got hit for not giving out her number to a black man. Y’all find any reason to justify bullshit but always want us to rally for y’all. He shoulda been hemmed up b4 he even made it to the car.

  3. I like the video of her slapping a guy in the street and then twerking for the camera. Kind of throws the whole “never hurt anybody” crocodile tear claim out the window. Regardless, she was hideous before and she’s hideous now. Moving on.

  4. If that many people just stand by and watch you get smashed, there’s a really good chance you deserved it. Just sayin…

  5. What does she know about being a man? Women love to say that phrase. Defend yourself no one owes you anything. Why would you expect them to stand in front of a brick for you.


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