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High Point North Carolina ‘serial peeper’ arrested on four counts of indecent exposure at Coffee Shop


A North Carolina man who was previously on The North Carolina Beat for peeping at women over bathroom stalls and being banned from different store outlets in High Point has been arrested again.

19-year-old Noree Staton

19-year-old Noree Staton is no stranger to The North Carolina Beat and no stranger to the public or law enforcement. On Wednesday, July 5, Staton was arrested by the High Point Police Department at a coffee shop on West Lexington Avenue and charged with four counts of indecent exposure, one count of resisting a law enforcement officer, and second-degree trespass.

On May 24, Staton was caught peeping at a woman inside a bathroom stall at Food Lion on N. Main Street. Police arrested him, but he was given a $1,000 secured bond. Earlier the day on May 24, Staton was inside the women’s bathroom at the Hartley Drive Family YMCA and harassing juveniles.

On May 1, Staton was arrested for sexual battery and was given a $250 bond after management said he groped a woman at their Harris Teeter on Eastchester Drive. On May 9, Staton was banned from the Waffle House on Westchester Drive after management said he was acting “strange” near the bathrooms. 

On April 28, Staton was banned from Target after management said he was “catcalling” women. On June 12, Staton was banned from Walgreens on North Main Street after customers said Staton was hiding in the bushes, jacking off to them. Management said when they walked outside to see what was happening, they immediately recognized the man as Staton, who they had previously seen on The North Carolina Beat.

On the indecent exposure charges, Staton is in the Guilford County Jail under a $25,000 secured bond.

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  1. It’s clear that this young man needs mental health services not to keep being arrested. It makes no sense that no one has intervened whether the helps comes as voluntary or involuntary. He needs help. Please stop arresting him and plastering his photo in the media. PLEASE him get the help that he so desperately needs.

  2. This is steadily progressing to include rape. I cannot believe he was given a bond of a measly $250 after groping a woman. These crimes would be handled much more harshly if they were being perpetrated against men. Do better, and actually hold him accountable for his actions. Show criminals there are consequences and repercussions for their choices. I agree with Tracy and Shay.


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