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Court documents say missing Houston stripper was a witness in a capital murder case


Court documents reveal that a Houston stripper who is missing was a witness in a capital murder case. Now, Houston residents believe her disappearance is connected to the case.

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There is currently no evidence that 21-year-old Deundrea Ford’s disappearance is connected to the case she was listed as a witness on. But Houston police say Ford has been missing since she was last seen getting into a van outside of Diva’s Bikini Sports Bar & Grill, where she worked as a dancer, last Thursday, September 21.

21-year-old Deundrea Ford

According to family members, surveillance footage shows her talking to an unknown man inside the bar and then leaving with him in a white van. They have not heard from her since.

We were able to see her interact with what looks to be a Hispanic individual, Kevin Carriere, her uncle, said. He was buying her drinks. There were other females inside the establishment interacting with him, who seemed to have known him. Then, there is footage of them sitting in the van for maybe an hour, or so, before he just leaves.

No new information about Ford’s whereabouts has been released, but court documents state that Ford was a no-show as a witness in a capital murder case earlier this year in May. Court documents state that on May 10, Ford and another woman named Quitiana Taylor traveled to Baton Rouge, where they worked as strippers and prostitutes. They were introduced toclients by a man named Otis Parker.

On May 18, Parker was driving the women home from Louisiana with the money they earned for their work there. Police said Taylor had planned to rob Parker for $1,500 in cash. When the three individuals arrived at Villa Americana Apartments on Selinsky Road, their pimp was shot and killed. Ford was listed as a passenger in the front passenger seat, according to court documents.

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Court documents listed Jamal Brown, a 22-year-old, as the shooter. Also, Jarrell Wheeler was listed as an accomplice, along with Taylor and 20-year-old Mariah Green. Ford was listed as a witness for the state to testify against the individuals mentioned.

A month later, Brown was killed in a shootout with the police. Wheeler, who is a former Harris County detention officer, and the other two suspects remain in jail.

Ford, who is still missing, was last seen around 1 a.m. in the Diva’s parking lot before getting into a van. She was last seen wearing a black tank top and tan pants.

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