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Two Florida thots arrested for allegedly tossing and flipping baby ‘like a toy’ over concrete sidewalk


Word On The Curb… Two intoxicated-half-naked Florida thots were arrested after eyewitnesses told police that they saw the two women allegedly tossing and flipping an infant boy “like a toy” over a concrete sidewalk.

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The women have been identified as 19-year-old Brianna Lafoe and 20-year-old Sierrah Newell. According to the police, the incident happened outside of the Coyote Ugly bar in Daytona Beach, Florida. The women were reported to be half-naked and drunk. The incident happened around 1:30 a.m. on Thursday.

Two Florida women toss and flip baby
Brianna Lafoe (left) and Sierrah Newell (right) were arrested and charged with child abuse.

The Florida thots are also accused of flipping the child upside down, throwing him into the air, shaking him, and tossing him back and forth to each other as they stood four feet apart on hard pavement.

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According to a video recorded by an eyewitness, Lafoe went to stop a person who was recording while she grabbed the child by his leg. At that point, Lafoe allegedly flipped the boy upside down and grabbed him by his ankles. In the video footage of the incident, which was reported by local NBC affiliate WESH, people can be heard yelling at the women to stop throwing the baby in the air.

Newell, who was on crutches, according to the police report, was actively approaching other bystanders before eventually focusing her attention on the witness with Lafoe.

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Newell allegedly used one of her crutches to strike the person twice.

One witness, Jahada Rasheed, later told the station that she saw Lafoe grabbing the baby while she was actively fighting with people who were telling her to stop.

The baby was taken to a hospital, where healthcare providers reportedly found red marks on his back and a suspected broken arm.

According to the Volusia County Divisions of Corrections, Newell and Lafoe were charged with felony child abuse, specifically cruelty towards a child. Lafoe was also charged with misdemeanor battery.

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