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911 call reveals former NAACP leader T. Anthony Spearman told alleged sexual assault victim he would “work it out”


The North Carolina Beat has obtained two 911 calls made at the residence of former NC NAACP President T. Anthony Spearman home in Greensboro, NC, one on Wednesday, July 13, and another on Tuesday, July 19, 2022.

One of those calls were from an unidentified woman who said “they” found Spearman’s body in his basement.

But the other 911 call reveals that Spearman may have been involved in suspicious behavior that he wanted to keep on the down low. 

A 20-year-old man said that Spearman sexually assaulted him Wednesday, July 13, and he recorded it on his phone and gave it to police. The same day, an hour before Spearman neighbor called 911 and put him on the phone to report that he’d been robbed by the alleged sexual assault victim, you can hear Spearman in a 911 call telling the alleged victim, “listen man, didn’t I tell you that I would work out with you?” and then Spearman says “not like that either.” It’s unclear what Spearman meant by “not like that either” but it’s strange.

The alleged victim told The North Carolina Beat Wednesday, July 20, that Spearman ran to his neighbor’s home and said that he tried to rob him after he told Spearman that he recorded him sexually assaulting him and that he would be telling his wife.



The same day of the above 911 call, July 13, shortly after 7pm, Spearman’s neighbor called 911 to report an alleged robbery. Spearman ultimately spoke with 911 dispatchers and told them that he had known the alleged victim for years, which on this past Wednesday, the alleged victim told The North Carolina Beat that he had been knowing Spearman for nearly 5 years and he was a grandfather figure to him. Spearman continues, and tell the dispatcher that the alleged victim “was doing some things to threatened me.” 

 Recording someone sexually assaulting you is not “doing some things” to threatened you. 

 The truth of the matter is, Spearman didn’t know he was being recorded while he was allegedly sexually assaulting this young man (rubbing up his leg and pulling out the victims penis) and probably thought the alleged victim was going to mistake it for holy PRAYA! 

 But how do you sit in the house for a whole hour with someone you’ve known for years, admit that you’ve always helped them with financially, and tell them as calm as you know how, “listen man, didn’t I tell you that I would work it out with you”?, and then an hour later say this same person “robbed” you. And why is July 13, the only time out of all the years you’ve known him, that he decided to “rob” you when he knows that you would help him financially? Let’s just be real, WE THE PEOPLE don’t believe Spearman was robbed as he said he was in the 911 calls. We just believe he had to come up with something to keep what he really did on the DL, just like he was, downLOW!


In a highly redacted 911 call made on Tuesday, July 19, 2022, about the death of former NC President, T. Anthony Spearman a female caller said they found him in his basement.

The caller who is a female said that she was not sure what happened, when the 911 dispatcher asked her to explain what was going on.

I’m not sure, we just found him (call bleeps) in his basement, the caller said. No one has been able to reach him all day I guess.

The call bleeps for a couple of seconds, and then the dispatcher can be heard telling the female caller to get a defibrillator, in which the caller states that one wasn’t available.

I don’t think there is one available, the 911 caller said.

The dispatcher asked the woman if she could try to do CPR, in which she responds that someone else was with her and she would see if they could administer CPR.

Can you come and try to do CPR?, the woman asked the unidentified man. No? He said there’s no hope, the woman tells the dispatcher.

The man who’s attending Spearman comes to the phone and tells the dispatcher “there’s blood everywhere.”


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