20-year-old Greensboro NC man says former NC NAACP President tried to rape him last Wednesday

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I said I wasn’t going to tell nobody but I just couldn’t keep it to myself.

All the evidence is pointing that Dr. Theordore Anthony Spearman who was recently found dead in his home Tuesday in Greensboro, NC, was a THIEF AND REVEREND BY DAY AND A RAPIST BY NIGHT.

A 20-year-old man whose name we will not release has come forward to The North Carolina Beat and said that 71-year-old former NC NAACP President Theodore Anthony Spearman tried to rape him last Wednesday, July 13, 2022.

Dr. Anthony T. Spearman

The 20-year-old said he had known Spearman for about five years and that he was a grandfather figure to him. He told The North Carolina Beat that anytime he needed extra money, Spearman would let him work around his yard to earn that extra money. However, this time, Spearman took advantage of him.

According to the 20-year-old, on July 13, Spearman texted him and told him that he needed his gutters cleaned and would pay him for cleaning them. After the 20-year-old completed the job, Spearman called him inside and said he wanted to pray over his situation.

Spearman pulled out his holy oil and began anointing the young man on his feet. 

We sat down, and he told me to take my socks off, the 20-year-old man said.

After he took his socks off, he said Spearman kissed his feet and pulled out his anointing oil.

He kissed my feet, anointed them and started praying over me, the 20-year-old boy said.

As Spearman was praying for the young man, he said Spearman’s hand started going up his leg, and then Spearman pulled the young man’s penis out. He said that’s when he punched Spearman and told him that he wasn’t gay and that he doesn’t mess around like that.

After I hit him, I tried to leave but he grabbed me, the 20-year-old man said. I told him that I was going to tell his wife.

The 20-year-old told The North Carolina Beat that he always carried his gun with him, and as he tried to leave, it fell on the ground, and Spearman kicked it.

After he kicked the gun, and I told him i was going to tell his wife, he ran to his neighbor house and told them that I tried to rob him, the 20-year-old man said.

The young man said he started recording when Spearman’s hands started going up his leg. Spearman didn’t know the 20-year-old was recording everything. And later on Wednesday, July 13, he filed a police report on Spearman and gave detectives the video.

On Friday, July 15, the young man reached out to a woman on Facebook who believed was Spearman’s wife, and told her that Spearman tried to rape him.




The Guilford County Sheriff’s Office (Jamestown Office) confirmed to The North Carolina Beat today that they had received a complaint from the victim who alleged Spearman tried to rape him but called the investigation an “Assault” investigation.

Detective M. Garlic was assigned to the case.

The Guilford County Sheriff’s Department told us that a press release would be released later today about Spearman’s death. 

However, at this point, the investigation into the attempted rape allegations against Dr. Spearman is null and void, because he is dead.

His cause of death his unknown at this moment but some suggest he may have taken his life or had a heart attack due to the NC NAACP financial malfeasance problems and these recent allegations against him.

Spearman was recently in an article from The North Carolina Beat about him and Rev. William J. Barber II allegedly using a woman to make sexual allegations against Rev. Curtis Gatewood and committing financial malfeasance with the NC NAACP funds.

The young man said he is not gay, he has a girlfriend and that Spearman took advantage of his financial situation.


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MJ for truth

Your website is spreading lies. The truth will be out next week. That 911 call you posted was faked. The real on was just posted. You and the 20 year old will be arrested. I think the 20 year old is already arrested.


Wow Gerald. This is insane. I believe the young man 😞 it’s sad that these pastors do this.


One other thing. That’s is not his wife page or name. You may need to take this stuff down before lawyers get involved. The timing on those messages was when the kid was incarcerated so you really need to remove this story because you don’t have all of the FACTS to post something that is making such serious allegations and your facts are severely distorted. I am politely asking you to remove this post as it is not true.

Person who knew Rev.Dr.Spearmen

I dare you to report things that’s not true! Who are you to judge anyone? And you need to take that cross off because you’re the devil!!!
you’re facts are wrong!! If he was gay why haven’t it come out before? I’ll tell you why because it’s not true, you damn dummy!!
how did you get the information from the police? You didn’t get information from police because the investigation is still open.You’re just a stupid idiot looking for a audience to give you more ratings!! I hope you get what’s coming to you for putting up false information !!!Dummy!!!

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