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911 call reveals former NAACP leader T. Anthony Spearman told alleged sexual assault victim he would “work it out”

The North Carolina Beat has obtained two 911 calls made at the residence of former NC NAACP President T. Anthony Spearman home in Greensboro,...

20-year-old Greensboro NC man says former NC NAACP President tried to rape him last Wednesday

I said I wasn't going to tell nobody but I just couldn't keep it to myself. All the evidence is pointing that Dr. Theordore...

Former NC NAACP President T. Anthony Spearman dead

Former NC NAACP President Theodore Anthony Spearman has died, according to sources close to his family. Sources didn't give The North Carolina Beat a time...

Two Former NC NAACP presidents under possible embezzlement investigation, forensic audit underway

Word On The Curb... two former NC NAACP presidents are under investigation for missing funds that now cannot be found or traced. Former NC NAACP...

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