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WATCH: Mother instructs her daughter to hit a little girl and then threatens to hit the child herself next time


Word On The Curb…a mom from Mobile, Alabama is strutting around like she’s the queen bee, boldly declaring she’s ready to throw down with another mom’s kid. She’s apparently all fired up and craving some drama.

A video making the rounds on social media, courtesy of a lady named Olivia Pope, whose real name is Angelee Kelley, 26, captures the moment she confronts a group of youngsters who seem to be around 8 or 9 years old. In the clip, she demands to know which one of the little kids laid a hand on her daughter. One girl, caught in the act of doodling, points a guilty finger towards another girl.

26-year-old Angelee Kelley
26-year-old Angelee Kelley

“You put your hands on my daughter and called her a b***?”, Pope asks the little girl.

The young girl informed Kelley that she didn’t use a derogatory term towards her daughter, but did confess to giving her a smack because she was speaking ill of her mother. Seconds later, Kelley urged her daughter to “get yo lick back or imma beat yo a**”. The daughter proceeded to strike the girl, who was blocked out in the video by an “angry” emoji from Kelley.

Following this, Kelley warned the girl not to visit her home anymore and cautioned that if her daughter doesn’t put her hands on her, then she should keep her hands to herself.

Subsequently, Kelley told the girl that she would hit the girl the next time she put hands on her daughter. 

“Next time you hit my child, I’m gon hit you, and your momma can come see bout me,” Pope told the little girl before ending the video.

In her video caption, Kelley said that her daughter is the sweetest and wouldn’t hurt a fly. She also went on to talk about how the little girl she told her daughter to hit would be at her house, eating their food and snacks, while being mean to her daughter.

“I fight kids, so don’t bully mine,” Kelley said as she ended her status.

Let’s face it, kids will be kids, and Kelley’s daughter just celebrated her eighth birthday recently. These youngsters were innocently drawing outside, as captured in the video.

It’s understandable that parents want to protect their children, but let’s remember that these are young kids we’re talking about. If the girl in question is a friend of Kelley’s daughter who has visited their home before, perhaps a simple conversation and an apology from the girl would have sufficed to resolve the issue.

But to go outside and involve oneself in kiddie drama, threatening someone else’s child, seems crazy to me. Give another parent the option to discipline their own child for their actions at 8 or 9-years-old.


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Gerald Jackson
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