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Former Co-Host of Larry Reid Live confirms alleged molestation story from victim about Larry Reid


Word On The Curb… Larry Darnell Reid, the host of Larry Reid Live and ex-pastor at a church in Fayetteville, North Carolina, is under fire from his former sidekick and buddy, Vincent “Buddah” Terrill Hill.

(Left) Vincent Terell Hill (Right) Larry Darnell Reid
(Left) Vincent Terell Hill (Right) Larry Darnell Reid

Hill is spilling the tea, claiming that Reid has been up to some shady stuff. He’s even got receipts – like juicy audio recordings of Reid confessing to seeking Hill’s aid in dealing with accusations from Lavontraye Andrews, a former young drummer. Looks like things are heating up in the world of Larry Reid Live!

Last year, during an interview with Tasha K, a well-known YouTuber with a penchant for stretching the truth, Lavontraye Andrews made shocking claims about being molested by Larry Reid when he was just 15 and a member of Reid’s church. In response, Reid attempted to discredit Andrews, painting him as a dishonest individual, conveniently forgetting his own deceitful actions as the supposed pastor.

(Left) Lavontraye Andrews (Tasha K)
(Left) Lavontraye Andrews (Tasha K)

However, in a surprising turn of events, Hill, who initially doubted Andrews due to his past fibs as a teenager, had a change of heart after speaking with Andrews directly. It was in that conversation that Andrews revealed the harrowing details of what Reid had done to him, leaving Hill with no doubt that Andrews was speaking the truth.

“Well Lavontraye didn’t know up until now…and he still doesn’t know…he’s hearing this while you’re hearing this. I knew he was telling the truth the whole time, Vincint Hill, host of SafeSpace with V. Terrill Hill, said.

Moments later, Hill said that Larry Ried “requested” him to do the same exact things.

“Because I too was requested by Larry to do the same exact things a many of times,” Hill said.

The host of SafeSpace with V. Terrill Hill said he told Reid that either he “did something to Lavontraye or you provided the inappropriate details of your bedroom fetishes to a young member in the church.” In some of the allegations Andrews made against Reid, he told Tasha K that during a conversation with Reid, he was informed by Reid that he would either be gay or a womanizer.

During that time, Andrews was dating girls, and Reid was supposedly like a father to him. However, Reid was trying to get something out of him. According to Andrews, he told Tasha K that Reid asked him if he thought he was gay. In response, Andrews told Reid “no,” but he started second-guessing himself because of Reid.

Larry Reid’s alleged ‘GAY TEST’

In a strange incident involving a test called the “Gay Test,” Andrews mentioned that Reid had informed him about a test that could help Andrews ascertain his sexual orientation. A few weeks later, Reid called Andrews into the living room naked, and instructed him to sit in a chair.

According to Andrews, Reid pulled out his laptop and was watching p*rn. He said that Reid made him dance naked, while covers were seen moving up and down with Reid underneath them. In another claim, Andrews stated that Reid gave him a massage and allegedly came close to his penis. At first, Reid didn’t grab it, but later allegedly grabbed Andrew’s penis and started masturb*ting it.

Andrews also recounted asking Reid if he could make extra money, thinking it would be chores around the house but according to Andrews, Reid reportedly told him that he could, if Andrews could help him get off when he needed it. Andrews explained that Reid had codes they used in text messages for when Reid was h*rny.

Once Reid was finished with Andrews, he would pay Andrews a $60 fee, according to Andrews.

Reid’s ex-pal of 15 years, who co-founded the Larry Reid Live platform with him, claimed that Reid schemed a sham marriage with his secret lover, Lester Peltier, an undocumented immigrant in the US. Peltier spilled the beans in an interview with YouTuber King Pain, revealing that Reid pushed him into tying the knot with Latrice Bryant, Reid’s own cousin by blood.

WREXHAM, WALES - MARCH 20: Lester Peltier of Trinidad and Tobago during the International Friendly between Wales and Trinidad and Tobago at Racecourse Ground on March 20, 2019 in Wrexham, Wales. (Photo by James Williamson - AMA/Getty Images)
WREXHAM, WALES – MARCH 20: Lester Peltier of Trinidad and Tobago during the International Friendly between Wales and Trinidad and Tobago at Racecourse Ground on March 20, 2019 in Wrexham, Wales. (Photo by James Williamson – AMA/Getty Images)

This ploy was to help Peltier remain in the US and be romantically involved with the disgraced pastor. In a recorded conversation, Hill managed to catch Reid confessing to orchestrating the illicit marriage. Thanks to KingPain, we got our hands on a copy of the marriage certificate, which was signed off by Reid’s close buddy, Chamaco Bryant.

Marriage certificate of Lester Peltier and Larry Reid's cousin, Latrice Bryant.
Marriage certificate of Lester Peltier and Larry Reid’s cousin, Latrice Bryant.

Adding to the mix, Hill shared his personal 15-year history with Reid – portraying him as someone with a penchant for seeing men in the buff, as per Hill’s account.

Following the scandal, Larry Reid took to YouTube to lash out at Hill but conveniently sidestepped addressing the allegations of molestation involving Andrews and the contract marriage with Peltier. An amusing twist in the Larry and Lester saga is that after Lester’s story aired on KingPain, Larry dismissed the “gossip” as if he had no clue who Lester was at all.

Lester & Larry on ring camera.
Lester & Larry on ring camera.

Reid also tried to paint Peltier as mentally unstable and financially destitute, despite Reid supposedly taking care of him, essentially downplaying the whole situation.

It appears that Reid has found himself in the hands of an angry God.

Watch Vincent “Buddah” Terrill Hill full video below:


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