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Sergio Brown missing after his mother was found murdered in a creek behind her house


Word On The Curb… Former NFL player Sergio Brown is reportedly missing after his mother was found murdered alongside a creek in her backyard over the weekend.

Sergio Brown missing
Former NFL player Sergio Brown

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According to authorities, Myrtle Brown, Sergio’s mother, was found dead behind her house on Sunday after police conducted a welfare check. Myrtle’s body was found in a creek near her home in a suburban area outside of ChicagoPolice say they are still searching for Sergio, who has been reported missing.

Myrtle Brown

According to family members, they went to Myrtle’s home on Saturday and searched the house, but they could not find Myrtle. Myrtle’s sister, Sheila Simmons, said that family returned to Myrtle’s home later and discovered her body in a creek.

We’re going to find out what happened because it’s not normal for my sister to not answer her phone, not to respond to text messages. People have been reaching out to her since Friday. No one was able to reach her,” Simmons told WGN-TV.

Myrtle’s death has been ruled a homicide, citing multiple injuries related to a*sault that she suffered. Myrtle had recently celebrated her 73rd birthday on September 8th and had just returned from a group trip to Aruba.

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A neighbor of Myrtle’s, Carlos Cortez, said he saw Myrtle and Sergio on Thursday. He said the police found interesting footage on the Ring doorbell camera. Cortez said, “They see him taking out the trash, and they see him have a bomb fire,where he burnt all her clothes.”

The Brown-Simmons family had noticed that Sergio’s behavior had been unusual for the past few months.

They said he wasn’t himself the last few months. He was out of his mind, said Cortez.

The neighbor also said that police had been out to the house prior to when they found Myrtle’s body.


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