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‘Friends Lying’: Tamia Taylor vanishes from Memphis Riverboat after riverboat ride with her friends


Tamia Taylor, a 21-year-old Tennessee woman, is missing after reportedly disappearing from a Memphis Riverboat. She had gone on a riverboat ride with her friends, but they falsely claimed that she never boarded the boat.

21-year-old Tamia Taylor

According to the Memphis Police, Tamia Taylor’s mother informed them that Tamia was coming to Memphis to meet friends for a riverboat ride scheduled for 10:30 p.m. on Saturday night. But according to Tamia’s mother, Tamia’s friends informed her that Tamia never boarded the boat.

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After conducting additional preliminary investigation, the Memphis police discovered that the friends had lied. They issued a statement to inform the public that their investigations revealed that Tamia did indeed arrive in Memphis and was on the boat. However, when the boat docked, Tamia could not be located.

Memphis Riverboats released a statement on Facebook on Monday, stating, “We can confirm from video footage circling around that she was last seen on the boat as the boat was pulling into the Harbor, where we dock our boats. “We have no reason to believe she could have gone overboard.”

Tamia is reportedly 5’7″ tall, weighs 125 pounds, and was last seen wearing a black jacket, beige shirt, white shorts, orange socks, and white shoes.

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Those who know anything about this incident are urged to contact Memphis police at (901) 45 2677.

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  1. Her so_call friends knows exactly what happened to her….if your not my blood family I’m not going know where with you especially if you’re a hater on me so sad I 🙏 that she’s found safe and unharmed

  2. So what? A Alien mysteriously solely picked her up out of the crowd and removed her? Did her friends see her enjoying herself on the cruise having drinks with them? To many hanging pieces, atory makes no sence. See friends not looking out for eachother buddy system. I keep telling y’all, If its not family I’m not going, Forget friends I’m not trusting nobody, Devils out here. 👿👹Devils Lurking , Did she say I’m going to the bathroom somebody grab her and take her below the boat hide her ? Something is not right, what’s going on The River is Gonna Speak Out. Let a Pray the Universe Turn a up!


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