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North Carolina man left for DEAD after being ELECTROCUTED while singing during a church service in New Jersey


North Carolina man left for DEAD after being ELECTROCUTED while singing during a church service in New Jersey

Word On The Curb… A man from North Carolina was left for dead by a gospel group he was singing with after being electrocuted during a church service in New Jersey. The electrocution occurred when he attempted to pass a microphone to another member of the group.

Kingsley O’Brian McIntosh traveled from North Carolina to New Jersey to assist the Brooklyn All Stars gospel group. Unfortunately, while he was singing and attempting to pass a microphone to another member of the group, he was electrocuted.

Kingsley O'Brian McIntosh ELECTROCUTED
Kingsley O’Brian McIntosh

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The video shows Kingsley singing moments before he reached down and grabbed a microphone from a chair to hand it to a group member. Suddenly, he appeared to freeze up and scream, “oh, oh, it’s shocking me,” as he fell to the floor.

That group member, Ben ‘Sonny’ McClary, could be seen in the video taking the microphones out of Kingsley’s hands. He then proceeded to sing himself, while no one checked on Kingsley, who was lying unconscious on the floor inside Greater Level Hill Baptist Church for several minutes without receiving any medical aid.

Ben McClary, Brooklyn Allstars gospel group

According to, when a person is being electrocuted, you are immediately supposed to “turn off the source of electricity, if possible. If not, use a dry, non-conductive object made of cardboard, plastic, or wood to move the source away from you and the injured person.

In Kingsley’s case, the church kept on churchin. continues and states that CPR should be initiated immediately if the person shows no signs of circulation, such as breathing, coughing, or movement.

In Kingsley’s case, no one checked his pulse. Instead, they left him on the floor for a couple of minutes before a group of fake christians came and picked him up.


According to radio personality, Calvin Norton, none of the group members, particularly the old crook McClary who took the microphone out of Kingsley hands, went to the hospital to check on him.

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According to the video, it doesn’t seem like anyone in that church had the Holy Ghost, especially the self-proclaimed pastor of Greater Level Hill Baptist Church, Bobby Coleman.

He was reportedly in the back of the church frying chicken while Kingsley lay dead on the floor.

You would think that the Holy Ghost would be louder and clearer over the chicken grease, telling you that a man in your church has just been electrocuted and you need to go to the sanctuary. But instead, the singing, chicken frying, and entertainment were more important.

God saw how those hypocritical fake christians didn’t show any concern for Kingsley’s life and miraculously brought him back.

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In his own words, Kingsley said in a video that a few people had been trying to cover their a*s, but there was no need to do so anymore. He denied rumors that he had been drinking or was drunk. Kingsley also denied rumors that he was pretending as if “something happened” because he was too ashamed to get up.

“I heard that rumor too,” Kingsley said.

Kingsley said that before he was electrocuted, he had mentioned and informed people about the faulty sound system.

“I did muster enough strength in my body to say, ‘It’s shocking me,'” Kingsley said in the Facebook video. “I did lay on the floor for 2 minutes and 21 seconds before anyone paid me any attention.”

He said that no one inside the church had any concerns for him.


Chile. Don’t trust no CHRISTIANNNNNNN.

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