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LA Judge puts Tory Lanez on house arrest until his trial with Meg Thee Stallion begins in Nov.


Oops! A Los Angeles judge has just ordered Tory ‘Leprechaun A*s’ Lanez to go inside and keep his hands and feet to himself until his trial for allegedly shooting Meg Thee Stallion, which starts in November.

Lanez called the judge’s ruling unfair and an example of how the criminal justice treats Black men. But Mr. Lanez, your assault on August Alsina and acting like you didn’t punch him is what got you in this new place called house arrest.

According to TMZ, during a Wednesday hearing, the judge ordered Lanez to be placed on house arrest until November 28. The ruling stems from him allegedly jumping on Alsina in September in the Chi.

Prosecutors said they believe Lanez violated his bail conditions in the Meg Thee Stallion case and continued to threaten public safety.

Lanez’s attorney, Shawn Holley, said that her client had not been charged with an assault on Alsina, and the allegations were just that.

Alsina took to social media with bloody photos to show and alleged that Lanez approached and assaulted him because he didn’t shake Lanez’s hand backstage at a concert.

Friday will be the last time Lanez can come outside without permission until he goes to trial for allegedly shooting Meg Thee Stallion. In that case, Lanez pleaded not guilty, but these allegations of him assaulting Alsina and a video alluding to an assault make Lanez look guilty in the Meg Thee Stallion case.

Let’s see how this plays out…

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