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Bishop John Drew Sheard addresses COGIC after receiving prank call about his wife Karen Clark Sheard collapsing


Bishop John Drew Sheard addresses COGIC after receiving prank call about his wife Karen Clark Sheard collapsing

Word On The Curb…John Drew Sheard, the presiding bishop of the Church of God In Christ said he received a prank phone call that his wife, gospel singer, Karen Clark Sheared had ‘collapsed’. 

Bishop Sheard addressed the congregation of the Church of God in Christ about the ‘wicked’ prank during the 115th Church of God in Christ Convocation in Downtown Memphis, Tennessee.

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Clark-Sheard, a Grammy-winning gospel singer, stood beside her husband as he told the church that she was his “heart.”

Speaking about the phone call, Bishop Sheard said his phone kept ringing, so he handed it to his brother Ethan to see who was calling because, of course, he was in convocation service.

“My phone kept ringing and so I gave my phone to my brother and I said see who that is ’cause it was a no-ID caller,” he explained.

Ethan had been gone for a long time before Bishop Sheard started wondering where he was.

He said he turned around and asked another person about Ethan’s whereabouts. That’s when the man told him that someone had called and said that Clark-Sheard had collapsed.

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Sheard said that he jumped up, walked out of the service, and found his brother, Ethan. He said his brother was on the phone with the hospital where the person who said Clark-Sheard collapsed was located.

Bishop Sheard said he then got his phone and called his sister-in-law, Grammy-winning gospel singer Dr. Dorinda Clark-Cole. He said he asked her what happened to his wife, to which Clark-Cole told the COGIC bishop, “Nothing, she’s sitting right here.”


Bishop Sheard also called out the prank caller saying that they were “evil.” He said, “As my mother-in-law would say, ‘That was wicked.’ I don’t know if you sittin’ in here now, but you need to repent for tryin’ to mess with my heart.”

He added that he brought his wife on stage to let everyone know that she was okay.

The COGIC couple has been married for 39 years and have two children, John Drew Sheard II and Kierra KiKi Sheard-Kelly.

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  1. It probably was the sister that “cant sing with liars” 🤣🤣
    Now folks know they cant play with Bishop about Karen especially since she came up out of her 3wk-6mth coma


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