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Denise Clark-Bradford post video of her sister Karen Clark-Sheird lying over the years about coma


Word On The Curb… Denise Clark-Bradford still feels some way about The Clark Sisters: First Ladies of Gospel Lifetime Movie, which premiered in 2020.

Denise Clark-Bradford

Since then, she has been on a mission not to serve God but prove that her sisters, famously known as “The Clark Sisters,” are liars. Denise said she disagreed with how the other sisters told the story about how she left the group and cut ties with her family. From watching the movie, it seemed like the family did not like that Denise had children out of wedlock despite their religious views and ties to the church.

Raven Goodwin played Denise in the film. Raven Goodwin played Denise in the movie. In a 2019 Instagram post, Denise learned that Goodwin would be portraying her in the film and said she would’ve loved to have met Goodwin and told her her story.

I would’ve loved to have met you and actually get a chance to talk and bond,” she wrote to Goodwin on Instagram in April 2019. Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed that chance. I would have loved to share a few things with you, such as how at times I made up choreography for the group like the 1983 Grammy performance & a few others.

Denise was also upset that the film ignored her bond with her late father, Pastor Elbert Clark and taking issue with the ending of the movie, showing her being drug out of her late mother, Mattie Moss Clark. At the actual funeral of her mother, Denise said she was asked to speak. In Denise’s recent post, you can tell that the hurt between she and her sister are far from being healed, especially with Karen Clark-Sheard.

Karen Clark-Sheard

In a recent Instagram post, Denise posted a video calling her sister Karen a liar, showing how over the years, Karen lied about how long she was in the hospital in a coma.


Why do y’all think Denise is continuing to attack her sisters?

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  1. Denise left the group with “bad blood”, and made a scene at the funeral (asked to speak or not, still made a scene). So the movie is about the “…first ladies of gospel” not about the Clark sisters per se. Once Denise left the group the movie is no longer about her or her side stories. The only side plot she gets is leaving the group. The “original members” of a band never get the glory if the band blows up after said member has left. She chose to leave and the fame the rest got after that is not her fame. I think she has to be jealous to some degree.


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