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Ratchet Charlotte NC pastor turns hood rat in pulpit and threatens another pastor over her husband


A Charlotte, North Carolina pastor turned hood rat is acting like she has never been saved a day in her life after video footage captured her having a nervous breakdown over another woman of God prophesying into her husband’s life.

If you were gon get this mad over a woman prophesying to your husband, then you should have been speaking the word of the LAWD in his life…what one woman won’t do, another will.

Recently, a video went viral of Jameliah Gooden, Co-Pastor of Unity Charlotte, addressing private matters over the pulpit, who some on social media say has caused irreparable harm to the Body of Christ.

Jameliah Gooden

In the video, Pastor Gooden seems to be possessed by an evil spirit or is having some type of side effect to some drugs she may have taken…it’s unclear, but she clearly lost her mind when she called out the name of a woman who she claims excluded her from a prophecy with her husband, in which Pastor Gooden says the woman should have prophesied to her and her husband as one.

The woman from Atlanta that tried to come in between me and my husband, Gooden, told her congregation in the video. This woman says she’s a prophetess, and she got a word from my husband.

Pastor Gooden paused and said, “Nah you ain’t got a word for him, you got a word for us.”

Natasha Davis, I told you, Gooden said looking into the camera. I’m not your typical first lady. This first lady fight and if I catch you in the street, I warned you.

Does this sound like a holy than thou woman? Does this sound like a Prophetess? Does this sound like someone her husband would want to be married to? NO. NO. NO. Pastor Gooden is acting like she is from the pork and beans projects in the 305!

I warned you! Gooden said looking at the camera. I’m a Brooklyn chick that’ll never change. I’m just an anointed Brooklyn chick and I’m coming for that a*s.


The woman Pastor Gooden threatened is Prophetess Natasha Davis from Atlanta, Georgia. Davis is the pastor of Tasha Davis Ministries.

Natasha Davis

Throughout this ordeal, Prophetess Natasha Davis has acted like a woman of God and kept quiet, although Pastor Gooden has given Prophetess Davis every right to whoop her a*s in that same pulpit she called her out in.

You would think that if Pastor Gooden was going to be messy as she was, she would tell us how exactly Prophetess Natasha tried to come between her and her husband….but you know, some people have no reason to be upset you, and Gooden’s temper tantrum was giving jealousy.

In case you don’t know, the scab that Pastor Gooden wants to fight Prophetess Natasha over is Pastor Fred Gooden, Jameliah’s husband.

Hopefully, we will see Jemeliah seated with a coke and a smile this Sunday; if not, then it will tell us who really is the man of the home.

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  1. This is why folks are leaving the Church . Y’all Sunday go to Church Christians cherry pick which Biblical rules to abide by. I don’t care how much Scripture you can recite, if you aren’t living Christ like, it doesn’t matter. Jesus preached against the same money changers y’all choose to follow. Y’all also seem to forget that Satan rewards folks for doing his work too. By the way I thought Leviticus forbade tattoos?

  2. If a leader ain’t walking in the spirit, unless God has ordained a leader to be chosen to be used by God, in spite of themselves, then they got no business on that altar, preaching from the flesh… She is operating out of that Spirit of strange fire on The altar and in the Old Testament in the book of Leviticus chapter 10 God killed the priests for operating out a strange fire…this woman has a Jezebel spirit according to Revelations chapter 2 and so that may be why the prophetess came there and gave her husband a word, cuz the living God sent her, because God is obligated to warn someone when they’re doing things against his people which can bring spiritual harm to his flock….her husband can mess around and get judged for what she is doing on that altar by involving herself with witches like Rihanna, Beyonce and Jay Z, to name a few…by what he is allowing his wife to do on that Holy altar of the living God… If her husband can’t make her sit her down, then he would be called the spirit of “Ahab”.. Ahab in the BIBLE was in Israelite that God gave authority to control or rule over his Nation Israel and he in return allowed his wife to make the Israelites bow to her gods…God had given Ahab leadership over Israel and he in returned married a woman of a false god and allowed her to control God’s people, Israel, away from the TRUE and LIVING God, so God killed Ahab, Jezebel, and his whole family and they had 72 sons and God killed them all..1stKings chapter 18. Jezebel destroy the true prophets of the living God and I believe it was 800 prophets of Baal, that bowed their knee to Jezebel and her gods! The prophets that did not bow their knee to JEZEBEL, hid in a cave and Elijah challenged their Jezebel’s prophets, to prove that they were serving a false god, by calling down FIRE from heaven! God bless you!

  3. What she prophesied no doubt was intended to bring all this out. You can’t be over Gods people and haven’t been fully delivered. I have a Peter spirit myself, but thank God I’ve been taught how not to lose control and I’ve had terrible things to happen to me from so-called Christians. Additionally, why come she didn’t address it at that time instead of waiting? This doesn’t sound like a mere prophetic moment gone wrong, this sounds like something that’s been brewing for a minute, if not, this petty at! The people wanna know.

  4. What’s the problem??? Jus cuz she a woman of God don’t mean women of God don’t kick a*s wen need be! Ain’t nobody playin dat bullsh saved or not! And who told y’all a prophetess or Christian don’t get human sometime
    BUMP dat! I bet u she won’t have another WORD for another HUSBAND without including the wife! She ain’t slick! I love it! She was strait up with her if she see her in da streets SHE EAS WARNED got dang it!

    • Yet the word Prophetess Davis had very well could’ve been a prophecy from God. The prophecy was NOT for Sister Gooden. Now as for order, because they are married if prophetess Davis did have a word for Gooden husband to release she should at least allow the wife to be present during the release of that word (this may or may not have been the case, we only have 1 side & im not a take 1 side person). Nevertheless if God said the word was for him, why is she hostile?


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