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NC Woman accused of starting FB groups for missing people and later slamming the family

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A North Carolina woman is accused of using multiple names to destroy families in ‘missing persons’ cases.

Her name is Louise Ann Weller.

Three people contacted The North Carolina Beat in the last month to tell their story about how Weller used their missing loved-one case to destroy and spread false information about their family.

Weller has allegedly been terrorizing families of missing people for 5 years, according to her critics.

In a most recent case, Weller started a Facebook group in an attempt to help locate and find missing Paige Escalera and Stephanie Mayorga. She reached out to the family to solicit her help in which they accepted, but as time passed by, Weller became disgruntled at family members related to the missing girls.

Critics say Weller will find missing people cases, start a Facebook group, reach out to the family to solicit her help, add the family to the group, and then start speculating that the family is responsible for the individual’s disappearance. When the family stands up and speaks out against Weller’s false information, she would then remove the family members from the group and bash them.

The North Carolina Beat reached out to Weller for comment and she denied the accusations.

In April of this year, Weller got involved in the missing case of 13-year-old Kendra Cherie Trammell, who was last seen in Arkansas on April 17, 2020.

Weller started another Facebook group to help find the missing 13-year-old. She started allegedly harassing this family and spreading false information. The family who had been in the group was removed by Weller after they started speaking out in an attempt to give those interested in the case, facts.

The family of Kendra started a Facebook group to gather information about Weller to prepare criminal charges against her for harassment. Weller learned about the group and started sending threatening messages to the family in an attempt to blackmail them into closing the group.

The messages below are the messages Weller sent to Tabitha, Kendra’s mother. (READ HOW ANN WELLER GETS DOWN BELOW)

In the screenshot below, Weller threatens to make the missing Kendra Facebook page public to release frivolous information about the family. Weller then stated in that same Facebook group that making the page public would help more people get involved in the case to help find Kendra. (Kendra has been located)

It seems as though Weller is not only a liar, but also a manipulator. 

Families are asking Weller to stop but she refuses. 












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