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North Carolina activist turned LIAR Rev. William Barber II kicked out of AMC Fire Tower 12 movie theater in Greenville


Reverend William Barber II, who reportedly used a woman in 2017 to fabricate workplace sexual harassment allegations against Reverend Curtis Gatewood in an attempt to prevent him from running for President of The North Carolina NAACP against him, was ejected from AMC Fire Tower 12 movie theater in Greenville.

Reverend William J Barber II

Word On The Curb…a lying wanna be activist posing as a man of God is angry and inciting false national outrage after being ejected from AMC Fire Tower 12 movie theater in Greenville. He was denied permission to use his own kitchen chair to watch ‘The Color Purple’.

According to WRAL, the Greenville Police Department responded to a trespassing call at the movie theater around 3:19 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon. When they arrived, they were met by Barber, who was informed that he could not use his own chair to watch a movie.

‘No kitchen chairs allowed’

The Greenville police escorted the disgraced reverend off the premises. He claimed that he cannot sit in a regular chair because of hip pain. His use of two canes while walking is also cited as a reason why he needs his own chair.

It seems that William Barber II thought he could behave in the movie theater as he does on those bridges, doing whatever he wants. However, he found out on Tuesday that he doesn’t have the influence he thought he did.

According to Barber, he told WITN that he tried to use his special chair in the handicapped section but was told by staff that he was not allowed to do so. A video posted on social media shows the incident and Barber talking to Greenville police officers.

I’m surprised Oprah Winfrey didn’t invite Barber and his kitchen chair to any of the screenings before ‘The Color Purple’ hit movie theaters on Christmas Day. Hmm.

Reverend Barber II kicked out of movie theater filmed 

AMC Fire Tower 12, Greenville, North Carolina

While Barber is speaking with officers, the video shows him leaning on his two canes as he is being escorted out of the theater. He quickly turns a night out with his mother and members of his staff to watch the remake of ‘The Color Purple’ into a political spectacle.

“I want the children to see this because they’re going to deal with it. I’ve fought for everybody in this state,” Barber says loudly.

The angry reverend quickly turns to prayer and asks God to intervene on behalf of the people who have offended him, as they know their actions were wrong.

‘I took my kitchen chair errrrwhere’ 

During his interview, he proudly told reporters about the special medical chair he uses. Barber stated that he took the chair to Broadway shows as well as to the White House. He told reporters that he was asked to leave simply because of his chair.

Please watch the video below:



In a statement released by AMC Theatre’s Vice President of Corporate Communications Ryan Noonan, “AMC welcomes guests with disabilities. We have a number of accommodations in place at our theaters at all times, and our theater teams work hard to accommodate guests who have needs that fall outside the normal course of business. We encourage guests who require special seating to speak with a manager in advance to see what can best be accommodated at the theater to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for the guest and those around them. We are also reviewing our policies with our theater teams to help ensure situations like this do not occur again.”

Noonan said he plans to meet with Barber next week.

Barber says he is holding a press conference on Thursday to address the situation.


  1. If AMC is meeting with him and they have apologized then I guess his claim is legit. It’s really disgusting the way you try to spin events to make people look bad. I hope Rev. Barber’s lawsuit s don’t end with AMC.

    • Barber is a grifter and was clearly looking for a moment in the spotlight. The only reason they met with him was to avoid any additional unnecessary press. Why didn’t he just call the theater before hand like normal people do? He clearly hasn’t taken care of his health and wants special treatment because of his personal negligence


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